Something like the white model of the iPhone 4 which is delayed in sales due to production problems is on sale in China ahead of the other

Although the black model was released on June 24,IPhone 4's white model whose release is delayed due to production problemsHowever, it became clear that models that seem to be similar products in China are on sale a second.

Although the performance of iPhone 4 has dramatically improved compared with the conventional model, how much capability of this similar product, how much is it?

Details are as below.
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Here is the White iPhone 4 KIRF >> M.I.C Gadget

According to these articles, it seems that smartphones called "Ciphone 4 (siphon for)" which resembles the white model of iPhone 4 in China are sold in China.

This is the "Ciphone 4" body.

By the way this is the iPhone 4's white model.

If you compare it carefully, you will see that there are differences, but there are also many people who do not understand the difference from a distance view.

The side is like this.

In addition to being written as "iPhone", there are even Apple's logos, but this is beyond the scope of similar products ....

The lock screen looks something like this. It is similar in every way.

The specification of "Ciphone 4"
CPU:HuaweiHisilicon K3 (460 MHz)
Display: 3.5 inch (480 x 320) touch screen
Recording capacity: 16 GB or 8 GB
OS: Windows Mobile 6.1
Additionally, it adopts 1.3 million pixel camera for autofocus, wireless LAN, Bluetooth etc.

In other words, unlike the iPhone 4 which has quadrupled the resolution, adopting the same resolution display as the iPhone of the previous model, the camera performance also lowered the specification to 1.3 million pixels (iPhone 4 5 million pixels) It seems to be called a grade down model.

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