Have you crossed the "iPhone"? State-of-the-art mobile phone made in China "HiPhone NANO 3+"

Apple's "iPhone" which is gaining popularity all over the world by adopting innovative design and touch screen, advanced interface, but, perhaps a state-of-the-art mobile phone that may transcend the iPhone appeared in China did.

In addition to the touch screen, it has 10 keys convenient for character input, and it is a revolutionary mobile phone that can be easily used even by people who are familiar with the interface of the conventional mobile phone, its name is also "HiPhone NANO 3+That's right. Moreover, it seems that it exceeds iPhone in some specifications.

Details are as follows.
A NaNo Phone: HiPhone NANO 3+ | Cloned In China

According to this page, it seems that mobile phone "HiPhone NANO 3+" appeared in China.

"HiPhone NANO 3+" combines a 2.8-inch touch screen and 10 keys used in ordinary mobile phones as an input interface, so that it can simultaneously use two SIM cards, and it also has a pixel count exceeding that of iPhone 3G He said that it has 3 million pixel camera, Bluetooth, radio, video playback function and so on. It is also possible to rotate the screen.

This is "HiPhone NANO 3+". For namingCasio's "W61CA"It has become a design which is similar to etc.

IncidentallyIn Japan I call the iPhone "iPhone"Is it still necessary to call this "high phone" ...?

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