ThinkPad's Lenovo launches iPhone-like smartphone "O1", adopting Android-based proprietary OS

Lenovo, a Chinese manufacturer famous for mobile laptop computer "ThinkPad"O1 (Oh · One)It is clear that we will release an iPhone-like smartphone named "iPhone-like smartphone."

We have adopted proprietary OS based on Google's mobile phone OS "Android", and said that it will support its own next generation communication system.

Details are as below.
3G 'Ophone,' Child of China Mobile, Due Next Month - PC World

According to this article, Lenovo will release a smartphone called "O1" for the Chinese mobile phone company "China Mobile (China Mobile)."

"O1" adopts a touch screen interface like iPhone, OS adopts China Mobile's proprietary one based on Google's mobile phone OS "Android". In addition, it is one of the communication methods of 3G mobile phones, China's proprietary "TD-SCDMAWe support that.

This is "O1".

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"O1" is equipped with 3.5-inch half VGA LCD, 624 MHz CPU, 5 million pixel autofocus camera, GPS, wireless LAN, sensors supporting position, brightness, acceleration, etc., with 8 GB model It is said that the 16 GB model will be available.

Official site is from the following.

Lenovo Mobile O1

Since it corresponds to proprietary OS and proprietary communication method etc., the possibility of being released for the Japanese market seems to be low, but it is hard to make it from Lenovo in the same concept as "ThinkPad" Is there any possibility that a smartphone will be released?

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