To the 2.5TB HDD that will become the world's largest capacity appears, a model of 3 TB or more is also watched

Last December2 TB HDD which became the world's largest capacity appearedHowever, it became clear that signs of the appearance of HDD with capacity exceeding it finally became visible.

It is said to appear newly is the HDD of the 2.5 TB model, it seems that models already exceeding 3 TB are also in the field of view.

Details are as below.
Electronista | TDK paves way for 2.5TB drive in early 2010

According to this article, TDK, which handles the magnetic head for reading and writing HDD data, will start mass production of newly developed head from November.

The newly developed head is said to be able to record data at a higher density than the conventional one, and it is expected to increase the recording density by 28% for 3.5-inch model HDD and 24% for 2.5-inch model HDD And that.

Also, due to the appearance of this head,PlattersAlthough it was possible to record data only up to 500 GB per disk (metal disk coated with magnetic material stored in the HDD), because it will be possible to record data up to 640 GB, HDD with 4 platter , It is supposed to be able to realize a large capacity of about 2.5 TB.

By the way it is time for the HDD of the 2.5 TB model to worry, but as soon as it will be around January 2010, 3.2 TB model which adopted 5 platter (usually 1 to 4) as early as February 2010 There seems to be a possibility of appearing in.

Because it is overwhelmingly large capacity, it seems to be a catastrophe that can not be hindered if it breaks.

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