Screen turns round, square Android smart phone "Motorola Flipout"

Various gimmicks are adopted for smartphones equipped with a keyboard such as horizontal slide type such as "W - ZERO 3" and "IS 02" and vertical slide type such as "HYBRID W - ZERO 3", but rotate the screen by wrapping Type Android smartphone "Motorola Flipout" has appeared.

It adopts a nearly square body, and it has become quite cute design.

Details are as below.
Motorola Flipout | Wireless Phone Detail - Rogers

According to the official page of the Canadian mobile phone company "Rogers", the company sells Motorola's Android smart phone "Motorola Flipout" domestically monopolized.

This is a type of smartphone "Motorola Flipout" that rotates the screen. OS adopts "Android 2.1", and has a function that can access high-speed services such as SNS.

The 2.8 inch touch screen is carried.

The back is like this. A 3.1 megapixel camera is carried.

QWERTY keyboard looks something like this.

It is a mobile phone made by Motorola which has been in the market for a while since NTT DoCoMo's "FOMA M702iG (2006)" has not been released in Japan,IPhone 4 Android smartphone which is regarded as killer "DROID X"Will not the day the company's attractive product group including the company will be released in Japan?

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