I tried to make something that looks like a box lunch at an educational confectionery "Tsukurou!

Add water to the powder and hand made candy like gentle lunch box type,Kracie Foodsof"Poppin cookin making go! Laptops!I bought it and made it because it was on sale.

Speaking of Kracie Foods (former Kanebo Foods) "The more you knead it, the more its color changes ... Good!"Familiar with CM's"I'm sleepy.When asked "There are many people who can imagine what kind of sweets they are somehow?

Although there may be many people that "making sweets to make" or "cyber sweets" like "Neburu ne" has never tried since elementary school students, recently it is simple Not only things but also evolved products that make complicated things by considerably detailed procedures seem to be deployed a lot. It is unexpectedly difficult and time consuming to make this time's "Tsukurou! Tanko!" It is unexpectedly difficult, like the free research that puts a hand on the last day of the summer vacation, the work homework does not end and the end seems to be lost , I was made to feel a nostalgic feeling.

Create report & taste review from below.Ne - ne Laboratory | Tsukurou! Laptops! How to make | Kracie

The package looks something like this.

"Elegant sweets that foster rich creativity". "Intellectual education confectionery" seems to be a registered trademark.

The way to make it is on the back.

A box of 114 kcal and a good energy amount for children 's snacks. Calcium also contains 162 mg.

Raw material is like this.

Although I do not write the target age, "Since it is difficult to make it with small children, please give parents with me together." Children of age who can not read and understand how to put on box are better for adults to make together.

There is such a bag in the box.

As this bag becomes a seat on which you can put on a box lunch, cut it with scissors along the dotted line.

That puts the finished sweets here (lunch box is not included).

The inside of the bag looks like this. Tray and fork and squeezing bag, "five rice balls" which are under the "rice ball" "Tamagoya" "broccoli" "Octopus winner" "Napolitan", and "fumashio" used for eyes and ears of panda type onigiri It contains grape flavor) and "topping" for the Napolitan. Imagine a thing like "Neburu ne," I was honestly looking sweetly, "It's not for children because it's for children", but from this large amount of material it is different from the level of "you are sleepy" ... I began to appreciate it. It is like feeling that hiking has come to climb.

First, cut the triangular cup for weighing water at the corner of the tray.

I will make lunch boxes with this type.

Written in the box "Prepare the water for the cup!", But the container with the pouring spout may be more difficult to spill when pouring into a small triangular cup. Given the possibility of washing hands on the way and the possibility of spilling water and powder, it is safe to make it near the water service.

Wash hands thoroughly and start making. First of all, I will make broccoli (sweet style sweets) with this green bag "under broccoli". By the way broccoli is Muscat taste.

Put the powder in the broccoli type part of the tray (which is like a mushroom) ...

Pour a cup of water into a triangular cup ... ...

Mix with fork. It may be the point the child is pleased that turning water on a white powder makes it brilliant green. It seems to solidify in 3 minutes.

Next is an egg - grill. I make it with this square part.

Again water is one cup of triangular cup. Tamagoya is a grape taste.

Mix well with a fork and flatten it. If you do not like to mix colors, it may be better to use a wipe with a tissue to wipe the fork.

Likewise, Winner will make it from the octopus part of the tray.

This is a strawberry taste.

Water for wiener is also one cup of triangular cup. Liquid that protrudes outside the mold can also be pushed into the octopus as it rises with surface tension when flowing into the octopus body using a fork.

Next onigiri. Origin of rice balls is a bag which is larger than the past three items, it is said to be yoghurt taste.

Make it in a place like a rectangular pool. Two cups of water in a triangular cup.

Mix. It has less water and elasticity than the ones we have hitherto.

When the powder is gathered, it is divided into two. Somehow a cookie making sight.

Rice balls are molded by hand, not in a mold. It is like clay play. First of all, we will make panda's face and ears with the guides on the sheet as a guide, with one of the dough we divided into two.

The other half is a triangular rice ball.

Then this "chewing gourd" (grape taste) comes in.

Put "fumashio" in the panda's eye, nose, mouth part in the tray. That's where I push the rice balls and transfer the face of the panda.

If you insert "fumashio" also in the lower left rectangular "glue" part, put the remainder in the middle oval hole. If you spill the "trash" spilling over the tray into this hole OK.

Push the triangle rice balls strongly into a rectangular "glue" ...

Grinding completion.

Also push the panda onigiri and press eyes and mouth.

Like this.

Rolling the ears of the panda roll and powdering in the hole where you put the remaining cheese.

If you put your ears on your face, it is a finished panda onigiri.

Two completed rice balls.

Next is making Napolitan. I will make it in the place I used to make rice balls.

Water is two cups of triangular cup.

Mix well with a fork.

It is time for a "squirrel bag" that can also be said to be the eyebrow of this product. Let's fold the mouth of the bag outward.

Using a fork, put the fabric of Napolitan in the bag.

Cut the choke and the squeezing opening.

I will squeeze directly on the sheet on which the completed lunch box will be posted. Once you squeeze Napolitan once it is difficult to move without breaking the shape, so if you wish to serve a lunch on a dish or the like, it looks good if you squeeze it directly to the plate.

YouTube - squeeze out a parapet of sweet napolitan with "Tsukurou!

The moment of tension.

"Children love to use squirrel bags. I will make Napolitan fun with a squirrel bagIt is a throttle bag that has been pushed greatly even on the official website.

I narrowed it.

Come on "topping" over there.

Since the broccoli and the wiener which I made earlier should have been solidified soon, let's put it forward. First of all, broccoli.

When taking out with a fork, it collapsed for a while.

It looks like a green mushroom.

Utilizing the lesson of broccoli, Winner pushed the mold with the finger from the back, and it was able to remove it from the mold cleanly without doing a fork without using a fork.

Tako is Winner.

I like peeling the eggs while winding around the forks.

Since the surface is wave-shaped, it may be like a roll.

Place it next to Winner and complete.

And here's the whole of the boxed lunch you made. Creation time is about 40 minutes. There is also quite a bit of work, so it may be advantageous for children with fingers to be smaller than clumsy adults. I think that it took somewhat longer than ordinary making because it was created while shooting this time, but if you make it with children, consider at least 30 minutes, cleaning time etc etc and secure time with plenty It is better to have had one.

As for those who are interested in taste, there is no word "gumi" anywhere in the package, the site, and anywhere, it is nervous that the words "sweets" were used, gummy and jelly-like magical texture . Rice balls are yoghurt taste, Napolitan and Tamagoyaki are grape taste, Winner is strawberry taste and variety of rich flavors, but if you know the individual flavor before eating it is "This is Grape" "This is Muscat Although I understand it, although I did not tell what kind of taste it was, I tried other editorial members to taste, but no words such as "strawberry" or "yogurt" came out.

The impression of the editorial staff who tasted is as follows.

Editorial staff 1:Feeling to eat something that was generated in scientific experiments. Scientific sweetness, scientific texture. I am doing something. Oh, when I was a kid I was eating like this, thankfully.

Editorial staff 2:Although this series was eaten even after the target age, it is making remarkable progress compared with that time. The appearance and texture are Vimyo but the taste is like a ramune. It is striking that salt is applied to ramune as a base, a fruity aroma is given, and the feeling that it is slowing down sweetness is impressive. The taste is not bad, and the impact when looking from afar is not bad, but I feel that I should not observe with a close eye. The taste is not bad!

You can also enjoy the time you spend preparing things that take time and effort but you can taste the taste but the taste is never bad and it can be said that the taste that the child is happy so it may be good to try with parents and children on a day off not.

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