BD & DVD of the previous day 'Bakemonogatari' of 'Bakemonogatari' and Later Tan 'Fake Story' Appears on

Whether Blu - ray has become popular or whether it is from luxury of audio commentary,Volume 1 sold out on the day before releaseOh,The second volume Blu-ray version records the best initial sales of TV animation historyThen,Update its record further in Volume 3I've done TV anime "Bakemonogatari".

The original is a novel by Nishio Ishin, with the work "Wounded story" as a day before, and "False stories" as a later day, and from the "Bakemonogatari" fans, there was a voice that they wanted them to animate by all means However, it turned out that information on Blu - ray and DVD of this "wounded story" and "fake story" is registered on how mail - order site

Details are as below.
BD / DVD of 'Wounded Story' and 'False Story' in Amazon as 'Continuation of Wounded Story' and 'False Story' Production Sequel in Continuation of Anime 'Bakemonogatari' Before Booking |

Sayonara Zetsubou SenseiTo the fan site 'Nyonetakanetto'Comment writtenAccording to, the Blu - ray and DVD information of "Wounded Story" "False Story" has been registered, and it became clear that it was in the state before reservation. Wounded Story [Blu-ray]: DVD Fake Story [Blu-ray]: DVD Wounded Story [DVD]: DVD Fake Story [DVD]: DVD

Of course, there are no product images for the 4 items, and it is the state before reservation that "This product will be notified by e-mail when it becomes available for ordering." Regarding the DVD, information "Region code: Region 2" is posted, but others are in a state of complete purport.

"Bakemonogatari" is currently released for Blu - ray & DVD Volume 3, the Blu - ray version is "Evangelion New Theatrical Version: Preface"All sales other than animation are showing. Of course, the voice that wants to animate the related work "Wounded story" and "false story" is not small, but at this time there is no particular information on animation.

Additional notes:
I could still access it around noon, but when I confirmed it at 17 o'clock the page disappeared. Was it wrong registration?

7/28 postscript:
It was decided to be really animated.

Nishio Ishinagi Animation Project 3rd, Animation Production Decision for Bakemonogatari 'The Wounded Story' Bakemonogatari

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