Full renewed Kentucky Fried Chicken "Twister" Tasting Review

Kentucky Fried Chicken has launched a kernel crispie wrapped in tortilla fabric and twister has been redesigned and reborn as "Light Size Twister", so I went to a shop and ate and eat it. It is a twister of stable taste from a long time ago, but it was a safe dish even if it was renewed.

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Twister redesigned "Twister pepper Mayo taste" and "Teriyaki Twister" two kinds. It is 300 yen for each single twister, red wrapper is peppay mayo, green wrapping is toy.

Pepper Mayo on the left, Territory on the right. It looks like it is wrapped in tortilla.

When I open it, lettuce and kernel crispy are in it.

Pepper Mayo is painted.

Here is a trip. Black squares are glue.

So, I rewrapped it and tried it.

Pepper Mayo is a mild flavor of mayonnaise. Mayonnaise + fried chicken seems to have quite high calorie, but it feels good to eat bitefully. With a combination that does not try outside, it is sure to be okay if it is not a person who does not like mayonnaise. Teriyaki twister is kind of Japanese style thanks to sweet Teriyaki sauce and paste. However, it can be eaten with peace of mind with a standard taste. I do not know the reason why I bothered to renovate, but it is becoming an item that does not come off as before.

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