I tried Kentucky's 'Tsukimi chicken fillet sand' and 'Tsukimi Japanese style chicken cut sand' that the flavor of semi-mature eggs adds more mildness

From September 6, 2018 (Thursday), " Kimchi chicken fillet sand " and " Tsukimi Japanese style chicken cut sand " are added in limited quantities to Kentucky's sand menu. I tried to eat what kind of taste we can enjoy with sandwear that is perfect for the moon season of autumn.

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I came to Kentucky.

I ordered the moon viewing chicken fillet sand (460 yen including tax) and Tsukimi Japanese style chicken cut sand (460 yen including tax) immediately. The wrapping paper was designed based on the moonlighting white and yellow, and on the top there was a sticker of "Tsukimi fillet" and "Tsukimi katsu" so that you can see what it is inside .

First of all, I will take out the moon view chicken fillet sand from the wrapping paper. Then, the lettuce, the moon view, the chicken fillet which fried 1 piece of meat as it was was caught. Because the sanded fillet me happened to have one side excited, the buns and the moon view were oblique, and it seems that they are about to fall off even now.

Turning the buns awesome, Mayonnaise was hanging over the lettuce and it was sandwiching the moonlight to the ordinary chicken fillet sand.

When you eat it, you can feel the egg's yolk flavor full of mouth. Chicken fillet itself has become spicy seasoning, but the impression that the taste is considerably mellowed thanks to the half-baked eggs of the moon view. When I asked another editorial staff to eat it, I was told that "the flavor of the egg is amazing". There is texture of lettuce with shakiyaki and chicken fillets, and it is one item with eating response.

Next I will take out the moon Japanese style chicken cutlet sandwich. Then, cabbage which mayonnaise was put on from above and chicken cutlets were caught. At first glance it does not seem to have a moon view, but ...

When I turned the buns, the moonlight was caught under the cabbage. Tsukimi Japanese style chicken cutlet sand also seems to be a plus one for the usual Japanese style chicken cut sandwich.

When I put it in the mouth, I could feel the taste of a sweet Japanese-style sauce based on soy sauce that is fluffy and soft texture unique to Japanese-style chicken cutlet sand, and a semi-moon moon has mellowed this taste. This was also told by another editorial staff, "I feel that the egg feeling is a little weaker compared to the moon view chicken fillet sand", and I feel that the impact seems a little weaker than the moon view chicken fillet sand.

Tsukimi chicken fillet sand and Tsukimi Japanese style chicken cutlet sand are on sale from September 6, 2018 with limited quantity. People who care about it is recommended to purchase early.

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