Two McDonald's Summer Chicken, "Tariyaki Chicken Filleo" "Salsa Chicken Filleo" Tasting Review

Two chickens from McDonald's as a new product in summer, "Teriyaki Chicken Fileo" and "Salsa Chicken Fireo" were on sale so I bought it quickly. McDonald's Chicken Filleo was a pretty good item we ate before, but this time the two items were preeminent I wanted to be regular even now.

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Teriyaki chicken filo.

A message saying "Enjoy Kokumama World!"

I tried arranging it all together.

Teriyaki sauce overflowing from between the buns.

The size of the chicken is about the same as or slightly larger than the size of the buns. Very mouthfeel with smoothness of the sweet potatoesource and mayonnaise, and feeling full after having finished eating with a quite rich feeling is enough. If it is straight, it is a Teriyaki burger whose pork has turned into chicken, so if you are a person who likes Teriyaki burger and you are not good at chicken, I definitely recommend it.

Salsa chicken fleo.

It seems that the original spicy spicy salsa sauce is used here.

Another side-by-side salsa chicken filo.

Big chicken and cheese draw attention.

The spicy spicy salsa sauce is tender and refreshed while it is tingling, it is perfect for a hot season. Also, the compatibility of salsa and chicken is good, and it is McDonald 's unknown item though seasoned like McDonald' s. People who like salsa sauce please.

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