Healthy or spicy Lotteria Summer New Burger "Salad Chicken Sand (Avocado Sauce) & Spicy Rib Sand (Jalapeno Sauce)" I've been eating

Healthy chicken patty was combined with avocado sauce to make salad tailored "Salad chicken sand (avocado sauce)"Topping spicy jalapeno sauce like summer in a pork patty"Spicy rib sand (Jalapeno sauce)"Two new burgers were sold for a limited time from Lotteria. It is said to be able to eat two contrasting types, a healthy and cool burgers and a spicy spicy bitter spicy burger, so I actually checked it with Lotteria to see what it is tasted.

~ Deliciously coloring the summer from Lotteria, a real burgers new appearance ~ "Salad chicken sand (avocado sauce)", "Spicy ribsand (halapanenosource)" limited release for the limited time from July 2!

Arrived at Lotteria.

I found a newly released "salad chicken sand (avocado sauce)" and "spicy ribsand (jalapeno sauce)" on the order counter so I will order two. In addition, for the limited time period from July 2 to July 23, the "Sushi coupon!"You can purchase either" Salad Chicken Sand (Avocado Sauce) "or" Spicy Rib Sand (Harappeno Sauce) "+ Potato S + Drink S Set at 600 yen including tax," Salad Chicken Sand (Avocado Sauce ) "And" Spicy ribsand (Harappeno sauce) "at 800 yen including tax.

Goods arrived in 2 or 3 minutes after ordering. It is "salad chicken sand (avocado sauce)" wrapped in a green wrapper, and "spicy ribsand (jalapeno sauce)" in a red wrapper.

I tried comparing burger from package. The left is "salad chicken sand (avocado sauce)" and the right is "spicy ribsand (jalapeno sauce)."

The new Burger uses a vertically long bun and it is about a little longer than the iPhone 6.

So, I will eat "salad chicken sand (avocado sauce)" featuring chicken patty and avocado sauce which used healthy chicken breast meat.

Avocado sauce that mixes onion, garlic, jalapeno, avocado, mayonnaise mixed up from the gaps of the buns is outstandingly protruding. When I tried eating only sauce with pelori, it was felt like garlic and jalapeno in the rounded mouthfeel of the avocado of the base, it became a sauce source stronger than I imagined.

In the buns are plenty of lettuce and tomato slice · onion slice · chicken patty.

Chicken patties are cut into bite-sized pieces, but they are so soft that they can bite easily, and when you eat alone you can feel the salt pepper of the underlying taste firmly.

Buns are lightly toasted on both sides, both outside and inside.

That's why Pakuri is at once. When opening the buns I thought "There are few chicken patties ...", but when you eat it you can feel the flavor and texture of chicken steadily in a biteful mouthful. The ingredients sandwiched between them are only very healthy, but thanks to the avocado sauce seasoned with garlic and jalapenos, it is almost impossible to feel unsatisfactory.

As you can see from the cross section of eating with pakuri, the avocado sauce is toppled quite plently, so it was a satisfactory volume feeling even with single item.

Next I will eat 'Spicy ribsand (jalapeno sauce)'.

"Spicy ribsand (jalapeno sauce)" contains pork patty onion slices and lettuce, and it was still in a state when it was in hand.

Plenty of mayonnaise is also topped.

And the key factor for taste is jalapeno sauce with jalapeno added to meat sauce seasoned with spices and flavored vegetables. It is painful to sprinkle as a single source, but it was a level of eating that you can eat even if you are not good at hot.

Buns is lightly toasted also here.

When eating it actually, the pork patty spreads throughout the mouth and you can enjoy the juicyness of the meat. Jalapeno sauce alone is pretty spicy, but when you eat it as a sand the spicyness becomes somewhat mild and the spicy flavor stimulates your appetite. Of course the compatibility of pork patty and jalapeno sauce is outstanding, but the impression is finished in a more perfect taste than the trinity by combining mayonnaise casually topped here. Because juicyness of outstanding volume pork patty is not found in "salad chicken sand (avocado sauce)", I definitely recommend "spicy ribsand (jalapeno sauce)" when it says "I want to enjoy Gatsuri meat!"

In addition, "salad chicken sand (avocado sauce)" and "spicy ribsand (halapeno sauce)" are limited-time sales from July 2, 2015 (Thursday), both can be eaten at 450 yen including tax.

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