Mos Burger, Limited "Teriyaki Chicken Burger" Tasting Review

I bought a limited time "Teriyaki Chicken Burger" and "Teriyaki Chicken Burger" that Mos Burger released newly from Friday, March 28 and tried it. The size of the burger is slightly small, but the size of the inside chicken is solid like Moss.

Review from below.
MOS BURGER [Teriyaki Chicken Burger Campaign]

I bought it.

A total of 10 pieces of burgers arranged side by side.

To the spicy Teriyaki chicken, a "spicy" sticker is affixed.

The tape which stops the bag is also "limited time" specification.

The normal one is "Teriyaki chicken" tape.

I tried out everything. Teriyaki chicken burger on the left side of the photo, Teriyaki chicken burger on the right side.

Teriyaki chicken burger. The buns has slightly become sloppy.

Between the buns and the lettuce you will feel a little puzzled with plenty of mayonnaise.

Teriyaki chicken is quite large. Sauce and mayonnaise are exquisite matches, but the taste of chicken seems to have eaten somewhere somewhere. It is the size that seems to be sold as a "superb dishes" as "chicken chicken", it is not a juicy type and it is rather plainly eyes.

This is hot spicy Teriyaki chicken burger.

Lettuce is slightly less.

Instead it has plenty of spicy sauce and it feels very juicy. This spicy sauce matches well with meat, and furthermore lettuce and onion and sauce are mixed, leading to a unique "juicy" texture. Very tasty.

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