Rich tea with plump shrimp, Lotteria "Cheese Tartar Shrimp Burger" Tasting Review

As Spring's new product from Lotteria "Cheese tartar shrimp burgerI was going to go out and went to eat.

Lotteria has released a variety of burgers using shrimp to say "Shrimp Burger's Lotteria", but this time the new work is not heard much "Cheese Tartar". This seems to be the sauce that used daiku cut cheese and camel cheese in Camembert, Cheddar cheese, Parmesan and four kinds of cheese abundantly. What kind of harmony is created by combining this source with shrimp?

Details of cheese tartar shrimp burger are from the following.Lotteria Cheese Tartar Shrimp Burger

Arrived at Lotteria.

In front of the shop the banner of the new product is decreasing.

I ordered 'cheese tartar shrimp burger' immediately.

Taking out it looks like this. It seems that there is not much height.

There are cracks in the buns.

On the back of the buns are shredded cabbage and cheese tartar sauce.

And the protagonist Epitati.

When I tried grubly, I found a crispy clothing and a shrimp's shredded texture quite good. And the cheese tartar sauce you care about is that the taste of the cheese is firmer than expected and a little creamy. The compatibility with Ebipati is perfect, and other ingredients such as cabbage are small, and it was not bored at all and it was eaten at all. Pretty good source is good so if you like cheese and shrimp, you may have a good time.

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