Taste of Pizza Hut "Double King of Winter" filled with Ebimayo at Pizza's ear

"Prairie Mayorol" which is packed with prawns and mayo in Pizza's ear in Pizza Hut has appeared from November 5. It seems that "Winter's double king" was on sale as a new product that meets "Shrimp Preorder Major", so I just ordered it for lunch the editorial staff began hungry. The shrimp was tightly packed in the ear, and it was an item that became full.

Details are as follows.
Pizza Hut of Pizza in Winter Double King Delivery


This is demigra king

Here is a crab ebimayo king

Shrimp is contained one by one in the ears

I am quite confident as seen from the side

The crab Ebimayo King tastes like a crab gratin. Broccoli is full and patty feeling is perfect. Demigra King has a beef and demiglace sauce like a beef stew, and a rough egg has become an accent.

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