Lawson 's "Karugake Kunlayaki Mayo" Tasting Review

From December 4th (Tue) I bought "New Years Kuge lily Mayo taste" from Lawson. A variety of flavors have been released from Kudo Kuen, but this time it seems to be a flavor for winter.

"Mayori Mayoro" seems to be compatible with fried from fried, what kind of taste is it?
As usual, 5 tatami mats are included.

Mayonnaise is not included in it.

Taste is fluffy and sweet mayonnaise taste. I feel like using McDonald's suite mayonnaise, but maybe the sweetness is coming from Terracing. I think whether it is delicious even if there is a version with cheese in it.

New taste "Kuara Kuunoriyaki Mayo" released - Lawson

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