I ate McDonald's "Tomato Big Chicken" and "Big Chicken" with peach meat together with tomatoes and bacon

The part of meat used for chicken menu of McDonald's has been changed from minna meat to peach meat from "Juicy Chicken Filleo" and "Juicy Shakashaka Chicken" released on May 18 (Friday), but this time the "Tomato Big Chicken"Big chickenThe same chicken is also used. Originally scheduled to be on sale on June 8 (Friday) for a limited time, I was going to eat quickly because it was on sale on June 5 (Tue) as the preparation was in place.

"Tomato Big Chicken" "Big Chicken" A new chicken starts.

Begin selling the new menu 'Big Chicken / Tomato Big Chicken' on June 5 (Tue)

First of all, check the menu you want with the poster.

And when it comes to order!

The color of the wrapping paper is different, the left is "Tomato Big Chicken" (390 yen including tax), right is "Big Chicken" (350 yen including tax).

The difference between "Tomato Big Chicken" and "Big Chicken" is the presence or absence of tomatoes.

Also, looking side by side with "hamburger", it is like this. It seems that we are seeing the process of evolution.

Looking at "Tomato Big Chicken" from the front, the volume is plentiful just like a poster. However, there is no stability, so to keep it from collapsing, you need to have it with Soto.

I will look inside. The source on the onion and lettuce is a sour sauce.

Below that are tomatoes.

Next is mozzarella cheese.

And although it is slightly poor, there is crisp bacon ... ...

Finally I can see the leading chicken. "Juicy chicken filleo"The same thing as chicken used in, it features a fox-colored crispy surface.

Having it in your hand is a pain, but the volume of the tool is fulfilling as much.

I tried to get rid of Gabri. Chicken feels both moderate fat and meat umami, the sour cream's sourness and soft sweetness match well. Tomato lacks juicyness compared to Mos burger, but it is enough as an accent, Good tightening the taste of chicken by acidity Good. Lettuce and onion are not extra degrees, so it is enough to eat chewy toothpaste, so we have a response to eat. Mozzarella cheese does not feel much taste, but maybe it has changed if you get the item to get on hot.

This is "Big chicken". If you are not good at tomatoes, you can order here.

The taste is basically the same as "Tomato Big Chicken" but the taste is simple because there is no tomato and the taste of bacon that I could not feel in "Tomato Big Chicken" was felt well here.

Buns is dedicated to the "Big Chicken" series, which is harder than ordinary buns and can feel crisp but it is becoming easier to crack and soon .... However, even if you deduct it, it is a content that has considerable eating response, so I'd like to continue selling it for a limited time without even limiting it.

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