A plenty of tomato sauce is very Italian 'Italian chicken fish' taste review

New product "McDonald's released today from Friday, January 9"Italian chicken filleoI bought it quickly and tried it. The recent McDonald 's new product was very much looking forward to many delicious items, but it was a taste that did not disappoint.

Taste reviews are as follows.
Italian chicken filo wrapping paper. It is an Italian style wrapping paper using red, green and white which is the color of the national flag.

When opening the wrapping paper it looks something like this.

Plenty of tomato sauce.

Fried chicken with lettuce, cheese and chest piece of meat inside.

Turning the chicken says "Tomato sauce just saying that!

Sectional view.

The tomato and sweet lemon sauce slightly contained in the sourness balances the whole and pains appetite. Since chicken also uses a piece of chest meat, it has less greasy content and refreshes well with tomato sauce. Lettuce is plentiful and you can taste the shakiyaki feeling. In addition, the buns which used whole grain was delicious with a moist texture, so I wanted to eat another one.

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