I tried eating and comparing Kentucky `` Spicy Dantan Twister '' where mayonnaise mildly wraps the spicy taste of chili oil with Pepper MayoTeriyaki Twister

Wound kernel crispy of extremely trivial the clothing in the tortilla, the twister series of Kentucky Fried Chicken, have emerged from the new 'spicy Dandan Twister' is April 22, 2020 (water). When I hear 'tantan', I think of ramen, etc., but I ate it and tried to see what kind of taste the Tantan style tortillas were.

KFC 'Twister' now has a limited number of new products! 'Spicy Dandan Twister' New Release on Wednesday, April 22 | Japan KFC Holdings, Inc.


Arrived at a Kentucky Fried Chicken store.

I bought a spicy Twister (left) and came back. I bought Pepper Mayo (center) and Teriyaki (right) for comparison.

It's about this size when comparing the Spicy Twister to the iPhone 11.

When you open the seal, a spicy scent like Dantan noodles floats.

When spread on a plate, the tortilla contained cabbage, barley and sprouted brown rice rice filling, kernel crispy, mayonnaise and spicy sesame sauce. Rice filling of barley and sprouted brown rice is seasoned with gochujang, and spicy sesame sauce uses sesame seeds, pepper and chili oil.

When I tried to eat it, I didn't feel the numbness of flower pepper, and the mayonnaise was mild with the spiciness of gochujang and chili oil. I thought that, depending on the location, the amount of sauce was uneven, and in the places where there were many sauces, the spicy taste of chili oil was firmly felt, and the finish was uneven. Kernel crispy has a light taste, but it is finished with a spicy sesame sauce and mayonnaise to give it a rich taste.

I will also try pepper mayo (left) and teriyaki (right).

Pepper mayo does not have a strong pepper flavor and is refreshing. It has a hint of pepper and aroma, and has a taste similar to that of tacos. The spiciness is stronger and the pepper mayo is less spicy.

The soy sauce-flavored teriyaki had less sauce stimulation than spicy tantan or pepper mayo, so the taste of chicken was the best.

Although the stimulus is mild with mayonnaise, the most spicy stimulus is spicy, so it is recommended for those who feel that Kentucky fried chicken twister is not stimulating. .

'Spicy Dandan Twister' can be purchased at Kentucky Fried Chicken stores nationwide except for some stores, and the price is 340 yen including tax.

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