Mos Burger's "Thousand Vegetable Burger" is perfect for breakfast

We talked about in GIGAZINE previously, Mos Burger's "Thousand Vegetable Burger", "Caesar Salad Burger" and "Caesar Salad Dog" were on sale today, so I tried it at once.

Although it is a burger that used commitmentally abundant vegetables, how about the taste?

Details are as below.
I was in the usual paper bag.

The left is Thousand vegetable burger, the right is Caesar salad burger and the back is Caesar salad dog.

Thousand vegetable burger. Shakijaki lettuce, tomato and slice onion are caught. Source is a southern island style sauce.

Caesar salad burger. Caesar salad flavored sauce is used.

Caesar salad dog. This vegetable is also very good.

The impressions I tried are as follows.

· Thousand vegetable burger
There is a unique umami of Moss in the buns. It seemed to be the successor to Fresh Burger, and plenty of vegetables were used. Southern source of interest Because it is quite mild taste, I really feel like eating a salad, but because the salad impression is too strong, Patty's existence faded and I felt a little unsatisfactory.

· Caesar salad burger
Patty and tomato appealed the existence with a firm thickness. Certain salad and patty are indeed compatible with each other, and cheese and Caesar salad sauce creates a creamy flavor. I can taste the shakiyaki feeling of vegetables, a dish of satisfaction. There is a feeling that cheese is suppressed to the taste of meat for a while, maybe a little more in front may come out.

· Caesar Dog
Vegetables were refreshing and it felt just right for breakfast. Perhaps it may be tasty if it is cold. Caesar salad sauce flavored with cheese matches vegetables and sausages. It was a crisp dish that you can feel a healthy feeling somehow.

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