Park where everywhere trees are covered with huge spider webs

It was discovered that a giant spider web like Spider - Man covers several trees in a park in Texas. What on earth is going on?

Details are as below.
ABC News 'Fairyland' Spider Web Blankets Texas Park

The spider web made at Lake Tawokoni State Park spans 200 yards (about 182 meters), and the entomologists are discussing the cause. According to spider experts, this is a social spider web made by cooperation of several spiders, which may have become huge by spiders spreading their nests to each other.

An entomologist at the Texas Department of Agriculture Department's Forestry Bureau says, "This extraordinary web of spider is unusual whether it can be seen once in a living", but the professor at Texas A & M University said "2 I will hear similar nest reports every three years. "

A person in charge of the park said, "It was whitish as you initially looked at the fairy country, but now many mosquitoes caught in a trap and turned a little brown, I need an expert to study this nest," I am willing to invite insect scholars from outside.

The movie is here.

YAHOO! NEWS - Spiders Create Giant Web In Texas Park

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Sprawling Spider Web Engulfs North Texas Trail - Photos - KXAS Dallas

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