"Misorder shrimp bisque" containing millet rice, etc. First kitchen "Miscellaneous cereal DELI soup" 4 kinds Taste review

From the first kitchen, you can enjoy a healthy meal conveniently by combining five-grain rice and soup "Millet DELI soupFour species have appeared on Thursday, October 8, 2015. Four soups are "Shrimp prawns bisque"Awaji onion and beef brown soup"Soy milk clam chowder"Pork vegetables and chicken tomato stew"Is lineup and it is said that each can enjoy different tastes, so we have eaten all kinds to see which soup is best match with millet rice.

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Arrived at the first kitchen.

The poster that was stuck at the shop front is like this.

I will order all four types of millet DELI soup at the cash register immediately. There are also soups not containing millet rice, and there is also a set of potatoes and salads.

That's why I waited for about 5 minutes and delivered four sorts of millet rice soup.

Compared with the iPhone 5s, the size of the soup cup is about this.

First of all, from 'Omaru shrimp biscuit millet DELI soup'.

It is a rich soup of potatoes, carrots, onions, red peppers, tomatoes, vegetables simmered with omal shrimp, carrots and potatoes are full of corner cuts. The omal shrimp is not contained, but you can feel the lavish prawn taste from the soup.

Millet rice rice chewy like soup crumbs, but it looks like the rich flavor of the grain is not felt so much because it is thick and thick soup. However, biscuits often eaten with bread are outstandingly compatible with rice.

Next we will eat soy milk clam chowder millet DELI soup. It happens that the bisque of shrimp prawns is bathed in soup with millet rice, but a purple color like millet rice is peeling off my face.

Because it is clam chowder, of course shellfish entering. When you stir it, the shellfish flavors overflow. The flavor of seafood comes out in the mellowness of soy milk, and it seems that you can smile if you eat it in the season when it gets cold from now.

In addition, when I grabbed millet rice at a stretch, there was a huge mass more than I expected. It feels like rice balls are in one soup. Clam chowder also has a very good compatibility with rice, and it has eaten quickly.

Then I started "Awaji onions and beef's brown millet DELI soup".

I imagined something like beef stew, but when I tried eating it, the sweetness of Awaji-based onions was drawn out, and it seemed that it was rather divided mainly by Teriyaki sauce with Brown stew It was a taste.

Although it is a small cut, it also contains beef shoulder loin and is a dish with a response to eating. Soup with a strong sweet taste is so rich that it can be applied as a source to steaks and omelette etc as it is.

The final is "tomato stew millet DELI soup with rakugo vegetables and chicken". It looks very similar to the bisque of shrimp prawns, so be careful not to make a mistake when ordering at the same time.

Since I was eating cereal rice all over so far, I ate soup rice first, so I tried eating only millet rice before, it is slightly salty and the flavor of the cereal spreads in my mouth.

The ingredients of the tomato stew are full of soft chicken, large carrots, potatoes, onion, etc. A creamy stew with moderately acidity of tomatoes is the most pleasant taste among the four kinds, but there are a lot of ingredients to eat.

It is also a nice place to have a mushrooms and taste various textures. Every soup is tailored to Western style, but I thought that it was "I should not eat it with rice". Even if you only eat one, you can have as much as a hamburger and at the same time you can eat healthy vegetables and millet rice, so it seems to be just right if you eat it for lunch etc.

In addition, all four "millet DELI soup" are individually 520 yen (tax included), and if it is only soup without millet rice, it is 420 yen as a single item.

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