I tried 'Manhattan Deluxe Curry' from Sukiya, where smoked meat and 3 kinds of cheese are approaching with a rich taste


Pastorami ' is a popular meat dish in the United States that is made by seasoning smoked pork with spices. ' Manhattan Deluxe Curry ' and ' NY Pork Curry ' with plenty of such pastrami have appeared at Sukiya since February 3, 2021, so I actually tried it and checked the taste.

'NY Pork Curry' 'Manhattan Deluxe Curry' will be on sale from 9am on February 3rd (Wednesday) | Sukiya

Arrived at Sukiya to buy curry.

This time, I ordered 'Manhattan Deluxe Curry' and 'NY Pork Curry' and brought them home.

This is 'Manhattan Deluxe Curry'. Only the curry is subdivided into other containers inside the container.

This is the main pastrami.

It is also topped with plenty of 'Torori 3 types of cheese', which is well known for its combination with beef bowl.

Besides, spinach was also topped.

Garnish with Fukujinzuke.

The curry sauce is Sukiya's classic '

Yokohama Curry '. Contains finely chopped onions and carrots.

When you actually eat it, you can feel the aroma of pepper and garlic from the pastrami and the strong flavor of smoked meat. In addition, you can feel the rich taste of three types of cheese at the same time, making it a highly satisfying curry. Also, the pastrami and cheese are heavily seasoned, but thanks to the mellow taste of the topping spinach, I was able to eat it until the end. Curry is sweet, so even people who are not good at spicy food can eat it with confidence.

'NY Pork Curry' is a simple curry only for pastrami, with '3 kinds of cheese' and 'spindle grass' removed from 'Manhattan Deluxe Curry'.

The taste of pastrami and curry is the same as that of 'Manhattan Deluxe Curry', but by using only pastrami as the ingredient, you can feel the taste of meat on the whole. 'NY Pork Curry' is recommended for people who want to enjoy the taste of meat and meat.

'Manhattan Deluxe Curry' is 890 yen including tax, and 'NY Pork Curry' is 690 yen including tax, and can be eaten at Sukiya nationwide from February 3, 2021.

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