I tried the subway 'luxury cheese tacos' where the mellowness of the cheese matches the spicy tacos

From the sandwich chain subway, a new flavor ' luxury cheese tacos ' that adds mascarpone to taco meat has appeared. It features 12 kinds of spices & herbs, stir-fried coarse beef and crispy vegetables with ginger, and a hot finished chipotle sauce, so I actually tried what it was like.

Subway-style spicy sandwiches 'Mexican Meat Tacos' and 'Luxury Cheese Tacos' that are satisfied by authentic Mexicans with 12 kinds of spices and herbs will be on sale from May 25, 2022 (Wednesday)
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Order luxury cheese tacos on the subway. You can choose the type of bread you like on the subway, but this time I ordered all of them with 'Random'.

The package looks like this.

The bread is honey oats, with tomatoes and peppers sticking out of it.

If you look inside, you can see tacos meat, mascarpone, peppers, tomatoes, and lettuce.

When you eat a bite, the spiciness of the piercing chili peppers hits your mouth, but the cheese that comes afterwards softens the spiciness a little, so it makes you feel like 'spicy but another bite'. Vegetables were crispy and had a good texture, and spices were mixed with cheese to create a rich aroma.

The price of luxury cheese tacos is 530 yen including tax. From May 25, 2022, it has been sold nationwide except for some stores.

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