Subway's 'Mexican Meat Tacos' tasting review that makes the crispy tacos and vegetables crispy

'Mexican Meat Tacos -Passionate Chipotle Sauce-' using original taco meat with 12 kinds of spices and herbs from Subway is on sale for a limited time. The ground beef was seasoned with tomato paste and soy sauce, and the minced meat with a strong flavor that goes well with spices was sandwiched, so I actually tried what it tasted like.

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Arrived at the subway.

You can change the bread and sauce on the subway to your liking, but this time I ordered all of them as 'recommended'.

This is the completed 'Mexican Meat Taco -Passionate Chipotle Sauce-'.

From the top, ground beef and vegetables such as cheese, avocado, lettuce, and tomato are placed.

Bread is a honey oat topped with oats.

When you eat a bite, the stimulus of spicy chili peppers squirting from the beef stimulates your tongue. The well-seasoned beef goes well with the mayonnaise-like chipotle sauce, and the food progresses, and you can enjoy the crispy texture of the vegetables to the end.

'Mexican Meat Tacos -Passionate Chipotle Sauce-' will be on sale for a limited time from May 26th (Wednesday) to July 20th (Tuesday), 2021, and will end as soon as it runs out. It is sold on subways nationwide except for some stores.

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