At Burger King, I tried 'Red Chiris Smoky Wapper' which is perfect for summer due to the synergistic effect of chili stimulation and beef taste.

As the third installment of Burger King's 'Smoky Wapper' series, the ' Red Chili Smoky Wapper ' using the newly developed special smoky

Chipotle sauce and chili beans appeared on June 24, 2022 (Friday). Chili beans using smoky chipotle sauce pursuing spiciness and deliciousness, 11 kinds of spices and 100% minced beef are sandwiched with 100% direct-fired beef patty, and it is said that it is a burger that is perfect for summer. So I actually tried it.

The newly developed smoky chipotle sauce has a new sense of spiciness! Authentic chili beans are a perfect habit for summer with a special sauce of aged taste and spiciness! New release of 'Red Chili Smoky Wapper'

I came to Burger King.

There was a banner hanging at the store to appeal to the Red Chiris Smoky Wapper.

I bought the Red Chiris Smoky Wapper (890 yen including tax).

When you open the wrapping paper, it looks like this.

I compared the size side by side with the iPhone 12 mini with a long side of 131.5 mm.

Lettuce, tomatoes, chili beans and melted cheese stick out between the buns.

If you flip through the buns, you'll see a white sauce on top of the lettuce, chili beans and tomatoes underneath, and beef patties underneath.

The cross section of the cut in two with a kitchen knife is as follows.

When you try it, you will feel the sharp stimulus of the chili pepper, and the flavor of Chipotle, which is familiar in

Tex-Mex cuisine , will spread. The spiciness is strong, but the spiciness does not last that long due to the fresh lettuce and cheese. The crispy texture of lettuce and the elasticity of minced chili beans and beef patty accentuate the burger's spiciness and deliciousness.

Red Chiris Smoky Wapper can be ordered from June 24, 2022 (Friday) at Burger King stores nationwide for 890 yen including tax for individual items and 1190 yen including tax for sets. In addition, the small size Red Chiris Smoky Wapper Jr. can be ordered for 530 yen including tax for a single item and 790 yen including tax for a set.

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