I ate Burger King's 'Green Chili BBQ Smoky Wapper' where the sharp spiciness teases the whole tongue

As a new work of the ' Smoky Wapper ' series using 'Bullseye BBQ Sauce', which is the first landing in Japan that goes well with Burger King's direct fire grilled beef patty, ' Green Chili BBQ Smoky Wapper ', which is the most painful in the history of the series, has appeared. I went to eat.

The hardest series ever! 'Smoky Wapper' latest work 'Green Chili BBQ Smoky Wapper' is on sale for a limited time! Extremely spicy green chili x BBQ authentic double sauce for a sharp spiciness perfect for summer


Arrived at Burger King.

The `` Green Chili BBQ Smoky Wapper '' you are looking for is the most painful in the history of the series, so I decided to eat and compare it with the ``

Red Chili Smoky Wapper '' that appeared in June.

The burger is completed in about 5 minutes after ordering.

This is 'Green Chili BBQ Smokey Wapper'.

When you remove the upper buns, you can see lettuce, tomatoes, onions, etc. Bullseye BBQ sauce and green chili sauce are painted on the patty.

A cross section looks like this. The spiciness of green chili sauce comes after the crisp texture of lettuce and onions and the firm taste of beef patty. First of all, the corner of the mouth is tingling, followed by the surface of the tongue. I felt that the expression 'the most spicy in the history of the series' is true, with a spiciness that is not at all inferior to the strong taste of meat.

By the way, 'Red Chili Smokey Wapper' looks like this.

The smoky chipotle sauce has a milder spiciness than the green chili sauce, and when compared to eating, it seemed that even people who are not good at spicy food can go here.

'Green Chili BBQ Smokey Wapper' is 790 yen including tax for single item and 1090 yen including tax for set.

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