I tried 3 kinds of Sukiya's 'salmon bowl' that you can taste the feeling of eating salmon sushi with plenty of fat

'Salmon bowl ', ' Avocado Yukke salmon bowl ' and ' Salmon bowl green onion salt lemon ' with plenty of salmon have appeared in Sukiya from Wednesday, August 18, 2021. I heard that the taste of fatty salmon is complemented by vinegar rice using specially made seasoned vinegar, so I was wondering what kind of taste it was, so I actually ate it and checked the taste.

'Salmon bowl' 'Avocado Yukhoe salmon bowl' will be on sale from 9am on Wednesday, August 18 | Sukiya


Arrived at Sukiya to eat 3 kinds of salmon bowl.

In the menu on the counter, the desired 'salmon bowl' and 'avocado yukhoe salmon bowl' are appealing.

This time, I ordered 'Salmon bowl', 'Avocado Yukhoe salmon bowl' and 'Salmon bowl green onion salt lemon' and brought them home.

First of all, I will try eating from 'Salmon bowl'. On the lid, the chopped paste and instructions on how to make it are pasted.

The container of 'Salmon bowl' has a two-stage structure, a container containing ingredients and a container containing vinegared rice. The ingredients stage contained salmon, green onions, dashi soy sauce, and wasabi.

The vinegared rice looks like this. White rice is sprinkled with specially made seasoned vinegar.

Let's start cooking. First, sprinkle chopped paste on top of the vinegared rice.

Next, arrange the salmon.

After that, sprinkle some soy sauce on it ...

Add wasabi to complete the 'salmon bowl'.

The finished 'salmon bowl' looks like this.

When you actually eat 'salmon bowl', the thickly cut salmon has plenty of fat, and when you eat it with warm vinegared rice, the fat melts and gets entangled in your tongue. The vinegared rice was seasoned with sweet and sour, and I felt as if I was eating salmon sushi.

Next, I will try 'Avocado Yukhoe Salmon Bowl'.

The ingredients are filled with salmon, avocado, raw eggs, gochujang, soup stock, and wasabi. In addition, chopped seaweed and mayonnaise are also included.

After arranging the salmon on top of the vinegared rice, insert the raw egg ...

Who is Gochujang from above?

If you add mayonnaise, the 'Avocado Yukhoe Salmon Bowl' is completed.

The completed 'Avocado Yukhoe Salmon Bowl' looks like this.

When I try to eat a bite, the avocado is well ripe and has a soft texture. When combined with the rich flavor of avocado and mayonnaise, it feels like the salmon is more fat than the 'salmon bowl.' Also, when eaten with sweet and spicy gochujang, the spicy spiciness is a nice accent, and even if there is a lot of fat, it has a refreshing taste.

If you mix raw eggs on the way, it will change to a mild taste, so I could eat it until the end without getting tired. However, the whole bowl gets cold due to the cold raw eggs, so if you want to eat hot food, it seems better to order another menu.

Finally, I will try 'Salmon bowl green onion salt lemon'.

The ingredients are salmon, green onion, lemon, dashi soy sauce, and wasabi. It also comes with chopped seaweed.

'Salmon bowl green onion salt lemon' with salmon, green onion and lemon looks like this.

The sliced lemon seems to be sour, but the lemon is candied and has a stronger sweetness than the acidity, so it doesn't feel difficult to eat. In addition, the lemon and green onion are entwined with a special salt sauce that has the scent of garlic, so you can enjoy a refreshing yet punchy taste. By combining these lemons and green onions with salmon, I enjoyed the lightest taste of the three dishes I ate this time.

'Salmon bowl' is 580 yen including tax, 'Avocado Yukhoe salmon bowl' is 680 yen including tax, and 'Salmon bowl green onion salt lemon' is 730 yen including tax, Wednesday, August 18, 2021 You can eat it at the Karasukiya.

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