I tried pickled squid `` pickled squid yukke bowl '' in a combination of pickled squid with gochujang sauce and eggs

From November 17, 2022 (Thursday), the `` pickled squid yukke bowl '', which is made by putting squid marinated in sauce from Nakau on rice, has appeared. It is said that it has a punchy taste with a spicy garlic sauce, so I actually bought it and tried it.

“Pickled squid yukhoe bowl” is now available at Nakau! | News | Rice bowl and Kyoto-style udon noodles


Arrive at Nakau.

I bought a takeout of pickled squid yukke bowl. Raw egg and gochujang sauce are included in the set.

When I open the upper lid, it looks like this. Pickled squid and rice are separated.

There was rice with chopped nori on the bottom.

I will eat it right away. Place the pickled squid on top of the rice.

It looks like this when shaping.

Add the gochujang sauce and eggs of the set in the same way.

This is what it looks like when you're done.

When I broke the egg and mixed it, I felt the sticky texture of the squid, and the gochujang sauce with garlic and the mellow taste of the egg. .

The pickled squid yukhoe bowl is on sale nationwide except for some stores for a limited time from November 17, 2022 (Thursday) to the end of January 2023, and the price is 650 yen including tax for the pickled squid yukhoe bowl (small serving). , Pickled squid yukke bowl (Normal size) can be ordered for 690 yen including tax, and pickled squid yukke bowl (special size) can be ordered for 1180 yen including tax.

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