I have eaten "Curry Mos Burger" using the first spicy spicy curry sauce source in the history of Moss and four cool and cool desserts for summer

Mos Burger used spicy curry flavor source perfect for summer "Curry Moss BurgerWe released on 7th July 2015. In Mos Burger in the pastBurger with curryWe have dealt with, "Since the foundation," Mos Burger "Meat sauce is the first time to change to other sources". Four summer-like desserts were released at the same time, so we ate all the items together.

"Mos Burger" varieties are released simultaneously for the limited time in the summer "Curry Mos Burger" new appearance "Rich Mos Cheese Burger Gorgonzola Cheese Sauce" Resurrection
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Dessert drink "Tea jelly tea coconut sauce" that feels summer with the scent of coconut New release ~ Newly released cool sweets perfect for summer ~
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Arrived at Mos Burger.

I enter the store and headed to the cashier ......

All the spaces displaying the menu on the cash register were filled with photos of "curry moss burger".

I will order 'Curry Moss Burger' and 'Curry Mosheese Burger' at once. Burger various patties were made from soybeans rather than meatChange to Soi PastiesWe also ordered "Soi Pasty Curry Moss Burger" as we can.

In addition, we ordered 4 kinds of "Newly Sweet Suites" "Tea Jelly Tea Coconut Sauce" "Haupiaa Shake Pine & Coconut Sauce" "Flesh Azalea Mango Ice" "Flesh Azalea Mango Shake".

When I arrived and waited, the burger was brought in about 5 minutes. The scent of spices contained in curry drifts on the table.

First of allCurry Moss Burger"(390 yen including tax) I will eat from.

When peeling off the buns, you can see that it is made up of simple ingredients such as thick round slices of tomatoes, plenty of curry sauce and a freshly baked juicy patty.

The curry sauce that was developed this time is "add onions of fried onion, carrots, celery, minced pork with roasted cumin and coriander and more than 14 spices, bouillon, adding soy sauce to the hidden taste" about. Between the curry sauce and Patti, it also contained minced onions with mayonnaise.

I will try to eat it with a bagger wrapped in a bagger. The buns are lightly warmed and have a soft and soft touch feeling when you have it.

When eating, the spicy flavor of curry sauce has been extruded to the front, the curry with more than 10 kinds of spices is deep flavor with depth. Slightly spicy seasoning than medley is appetizing, it is a burger that you can eat whole grueling even though it is volleyy. After having been in the mouth a feeling of spicyness came out and it is good even if vegetables such as lettuce as well as tomatoes and onions are sandwiched because there is a spicy degree to sweat bruising as we advance the eating maybe.

Next, we added cheese to curry moss burger "Curry Moss Cheese Burger"(420 yen including tax).

Try removing the top buns of curry moss cheeseburger and make exactly the same as curry moss burger except that cheese was added.

Cheese melted and melted on hot patties combines with the scent of curry to appetite.

Curry moss cheeseburger was an impression that curry's spicy flavor was relieved a little as a result of adding cheese to ordinary curry mos burger and it was gathered up as a whole in a mellow taste.

Though thanks to cheese, though the pain was suppressed, after eating, irritated spices of spices remain around the mouth and tongue.

next"Soi Pasty Curry Moss Burger". The price is 390 yen including tax as well as normal curry moss burger using meat patty.

Other ingredients and sauces other than patty are the same as curry moss burger.

Soapati is lighter in color than meat patties, and lumps of beans and vegetables are visible from the edge of Patty.

When trying to eat, the fragrance of beans was faintly felt from Soi Padi, while the rash of meat was absent at all, while eating, the response was like the patty of the meat and the volume full score. Because the calorie is as low as 344 kcal of soapaty curry Mos Burger for 396 kcal of ordinary curry moss burger, when it says "I want to be full of stomach while suppressing calorie intake", it was felt that Soi Padi was enough ant as an option.

While eating, the curry sauce and onions spill from the burger from the burger, but thanks to the baglike wrapping paper it is possible to scoop up with a spoon afterwards without scattering it.

After eating burger, try 4 desserts.

"Fruit brushing mango ice"(380 yen including tax)" To dessert milk-flavored shaved ice, plenty of toppings with rich fruit mango sauce, dessert coffee fresh and mildly finished ".

On the shaved ice, dark orange mango fruit is on the rug.

Mango pulp is a crispy texture, chewing fruit juice comes out and it is very fruity. Sharp shaved ice crisply refreshed the mouth that is ticking due to the heat and hotness of curry burger.

Shaved ice is seasoned with condensed milk instead of just ice so you can eat it alone. However, be careful when you eat at a stretch and make your head as keen.

Also, because there are plenty of mango sauce not only on the top of the shaved ice but also on the bottom of the cup, the sauce was able to enjoy the taste of mango until the end without being lost.

"Mango shake"(380 yen including tax) is a popular product of Moss sold last summer.

It is based on vanilla shake and it is full of rich and thick mango sauce from the top. Pulp is slightly less than "Mango ice".

I will insert a straw and drink it. Combination of a mellow mouthfeel vanilla shake and a fruity fragrance mango sauce is perfect for summer, the feeling of flesh of mango was also a good feeling.

"Haupiaa Shake Pine & Coconut SauceThere are two types of normal size (260 yen including tax) and tall size (350 yen including tax), the normal size is about the size on the palm.

Pineapple that I planted on Maui in Hawaii on vanilla shake ......

There is a cornflake on it, and further from the top of the topping, coconut sauce is added.

When mixing with vanilla shake and coconut sauce and eating it was like a coconut taste frozen drink, it was finished in a tropical atmosphere dessert.

Juicy pineapple and crispy texture flakes can be combined with shakes to change the taste and texture.

The end is "Tea jelly tea coconut sauce"(380 yen including tax).

At the bottom of the cup, coconut sauce and tea jelly are sinking.

When I drink it, the tea part is an orthodox iced tea, but you can suck in the jelly part with a straw so you can enjoy the taste like tapioca drink. It's a drink-oriented item rather than a dessert, so it seems to be good when you 'd like to try ice tea from everyday and try a different beverage than usual.'

Black tea jelly was soft when sweet and strong sweet, so it did not get syrup in ice tea and it was well balanced.

Agitate from the bottom with the attached spoon, it is ant to drink and finish like a coconut-flavored royal milk tea.

In addition, "Curry Mos Burger" series and various desserts for summer are limited for sale until early September 2015.

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