I tried a subway's spicy summer sandwich "coarse ground sausage BBQ salsa sauce"

Three classic sandwiches in summer at the subway lineup "Direct fire cooked tandoori chicken"Subway tacos"Coarse ground sausage - BBQ salsa sauce -"Has appeared on July 6, 2016 (Wednesday).last yearI went to the shop to actually eat and see how "rough ground sausage - BBQ salsa sauce -" is a sandwich for summer that stimulates appetite.

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Arrived at the subway.

Three types of summer sandwiches are on the menu. "Direct fire cooked tandoori chicken" is hot hot, "subway tacos" is SPICY hot, "coarse ground sausage - BBQ salsa sauce -" is MILD hot spicy.

That's why "Coarse ground sausage - BBQ salsa sauce -" (440 yen tax included) and "Tropical Milk - Banana & Pine Sauce -" (320 yen tax) and drink "Coconut Sherbet - Banana & Pine Sauce - "(360 yen including tax) was ordered.

"Coarse ground sausage - BBQ salsa sauce -" is a sandwich that uses a specially made BBQ salsa sauce that uses 12 kinds of spices, mainly coarse ground sausage. I tried to add bacon (60 yen including tax) by saying recommended topping. It is recommended that you also recommend topping with avocado (100 yen including tax).

Buns chooses Honey Oots.

Salsa sauce is applied between sausage and vegetables.

The size is larger than the iPhone 5s and it seems to be just right for lunch.

As soon as you eat, rough sausage is baked to a crisp texture of leather. Salsa sauce is based on tomato sauce and has sweetness and sweetness, and it feels awfully subtle afterwards. However, as hotness is "MILD", it seems to be okay for those who are not good at hot things.

"Tropical Milk - Banana & Pine Sauce -" which appeared as one of three classic drinks of summer using "Frozen Mango" is like this.

Frozen Mango is a frozen ripe mango called rare "Mahachanok". It's frozen and cool as the surface looks.

Banana & pine sauce is sinking at the bottom, and it is a drink with milk added from above.

It feels like banana is strengthened milk, but fruity aroma of pine will come later. If you do not mix the sauce that accumulates on the bottom, it is mere "Milk floating mango" so you can enjoy tropical milk by mixing well.

I felt that the frozen mango was ticking inside, but it was sharp on the surface only, the inside was a cold mango with a nice texture.

This is "Coconut Sorbet - Banana & Pine Sauce -".

From the side, from this line the sherbet is below and the top is coconut milk.

Of course, frozen and entered mango.

When scooping with a spoon to eat, the scent of coconut has become a dessert that makes the southern country feel, and the sorbet is quite sweet. The tropical flavor with a strong banana is the same as tropical milk, but the mellowness is increasing due to the flavor of coconut milk, finished in a flavor that makes it a luxurious mood.

In addition, summer sandwiches and frozen mango drinks are sold for a limited time from July 6 (Wednesday) 2016 to the end of August.

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