I tried "Mr. spicy chorizo ​​burger & hot spicy chorizo ​​cheese burger" containing Moss burger's hot chilli sauce × jalapeno × chorizo

Mos burger used jalapeno since long agoSpicy ChilidogWe are putting effort into the spicy menu such as, but on November 18 (Tuesday) we used hot chili sauce, jalapeno, chorizo ​​using pepper etc.Spicy hot chorizo ​​burger"When"Extraordinarily spicy chorizo ​​cheeseburgerWe are on sale. I was wondering how hard it is to have a hamburger like "hot spicy" so I went to the shop.

"Chorizo" × "Hot chili sauce" × "Jalapeno" 3 layers of hot "Thorough Chorizo ​​burger" "The spicy chorizo ​​cheese burger" - New release on Mos Burger nationwide from November 18 (Tue)
(PDF file)http://www.mos.co.jp/company/pr_pdf/pr_141021_1.pdf

Arrived at Mos Burger.

There was no new product for the menu on storefront or cash register.

When I look at the menu ......

I found spicy chorizo ​​burger and spicy chorizo ​​cheeseburger containing "period limited" and letters. I will order it at once.

Waiting In less than 10 minutes two hamburgers and water arrived.

The hamburger 's wrapping paper had a sticker labeled "hot" stuck on it.

It is like this when taking out from wrapping paper. The hot spicy chorizo ​​cheese burger was broken slightly due to the presence of cheese.

A spicy chorizo ​​burger (340 yen including tax) uses hot chili sauce and jalapeno, burger using chorizo ​​instead of beef patty.

Taking the upper buns, lettuce is on the top, underneath is a hot chili sauce.

Hot chili sauce was abundantly used in tomatoes, and it was a bit darker red than "crimson". I do not smart like you seem particularly dangerous.

Jalapeno · mayonnaise · minced onion · chorizo ​​was in a step.

The impression that it is hard to bring a little because it has a lot of sauce when it is in hand.

When you get caught, the taste of hot chili sauce spreads in your mouth with the umami of tomatoes and the bitterness and aroma of green peppers. This sauce itself is a pain that seems to have no problem if a person can eat curry dry which is commercially available, but the pungent taste of jalapeno · chorizo ​​is strong, and it is a little dangerous especially when it receives the pungent taste of jalapeno especially fragile. As for sauce and chorizo, not only pungent but also umami are solid, so there is no such thing as only pungent will float.

Chorizo ​​is a seasoned seasoned with a rather hot pepper, which is different from sausage Focaccia. I am using natural sheep intestines, so I enjoyed a crisp texture and the onion of the choice was also good accent with a good texture.

A very spicy chorizo ​​cheeseburger (370 yen including tax), except that cheese was added to the spicy chorizo ​​burger, the composition is the same.

The cheese was melting smoothly.

The addition of cheese increases richness and umami, and changes to a more easy-to-eat taste. This hamburger also seems to be difficult to eat for people who can not eat the dry curry of the commercial curry, but some people who are not very good at eating spicy food may be a good challenge as they taste somewhat mild. Even spicy chorizo ​​burger · hot spicy chorizo ​​cheese burger leaves pungent taste in the mouth even after finishing eating, but it was not pungent like a habanero that will remain in the mouth for a long time.

In addition, hot spicy chorizo ​​burger · hot spicy chorizo ​​cheese burger is sold for a limited time. It may be a little unsatisfactory for those who like spicy, but it is perfect when you want to eat something a bit spicy.

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