I went to eat Burger King's new work "Beef Fondue & Chicken Fondue" to put a hamburger in a cheese fondue

When eating hamburgers and cheese together, it is common to eat with cheese in between, but Burger King diets hamburgers into cheese fondue from January 9th (Fri) and eats "Beef fondue"When"Chicken fondueThe special BK fondue sauce is full of commitment using five cheeses of Emmental, Gouda, Cheddar, Mozzarella, and Parmesan, and the side menu will be available from January 12 (Mon) from the release date I went to the shop because it is also carrying out a campaign that comes with free.

~ "Dip the sauce and eat" New hamburgers ~ "Beef fondue" "Chicken fondue" From 2nd January 2015 (Friday) 2 new items will be released simultaneously!

~ "Dip in the sauce to eat" New hamburgers ~ "Beef fondue" "Chicken fondue" In commemoration of the new release from January 9 (Friday), you will receive a side menu for your purchaser!

Arrived at Burger King.

Appeal new items even in front of shops.

Go inside the store and go to checkout.

We found beef fondue (690 yen including tax) and chicken fondue (450 yen including tax) on the cash register. I will place an order immediately.

There is a side menu attached free of charge, this time we chose Hash Brown and BK Cheese Bitz.

Wait to receive the meal in about 5 minutes to the table. One hamburger each comes with BK fondue sauce.

Beef fondue and chicken fondue are embryo buns used, it looks slightly different from ordinary hamburger.

Lettuce · cheese sauce · tomato · beef patty can be confirmed by removing the upper buns of beef fondue

Chicken fondue has Tomato Monterey Jack Cheese and BK Tenders in it.

First I tried eating beef fondue without attaching anything, but although I feel the taste of Patty directly burned and the scent of germ buns firmly, it seems that there is not much sauce and the taste is slightly diluted. After all it seems that it is made on the assumption that it is attached to BK fondue sauce and eat it.

So I will dip in BK fondue source immediately.

I tried to put the hamburger in a cup containing BK fondue sauce, but because the diameter of the cup is not wide, it feels a little hard to put in. If you make the cup too large, you will have to put more sauce, so this may be a part of it.

When BK fondue sauce is attached, it turns into a flavor with more punch when it comes out. Unlike pinching cheese in a hamburger, you can add plenty of cheese, so cheese makes a taste of the leading role. However, the cheese itself does not rise to that extent, and the taste does not become heavy to that extent even if it is attached much. It will be hardened when the cheese cools down, so it is a hamburger that seems to be better at eating at the shop.

BK fondue sauce makes it easier to dip in sauce as the size of the hamburger is smaller. If it is difficult to put a sauce on a hamburger, rough skill that breaks a hamburger and soaks it in sauce is also ant.

I tried eating chicken fondue without attaching anything at first, but as I did not dip like beef fondue it was somewhat tasty somewhat, so I decided to add cheese immediately.

Because the lettuce is not contained, the acidity of tomato is more strongly felt than beef fondue, but since cheese is caught in hamburger from the beginning, cheese tastes strong enough to drown out the taste of chicken. Because beef fondue seems to be better as compatibility of cheese and hamburger, beef taste is rather recommended, but the price is cheaper than beef, so chicken is cheaper so if you want to eat at an affordable price I recommend this one.

Because BK fondue source was considerably left, I will dip in hash brown · BK cheese bit.

Since hash brown is slightly greasy, I feel that somewhat overdoes when it comes with fondue sauce, but the combination of crispy hash brown and tempered fondue sauce itself is not bad.

Because BK cheese bit is hard to put in a cup somewhat because of its size, those who gave a fork are saved.

Cheese is contained in BK cheese bit itself, cheese is taken, so mouth is filled with cheese taste. I never have bad compatibility, but I thought that baguette would be better if I play cheese fondue again.

In addition, beef fondue and chicken fondue are for limited time until late February. It is recommended for people who like "cheese".

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