I have eaten `` super one pound beef burger '' with burger king, 4 layers of 100% beef patties with a total weight of 499 g

Burger King, a hamburger chain, is offering the ' Super One-Bound Beef Burger ' for a limited time, entitled 'The 2nd Reduction Campaign', with four layers of 100% open-fired beef patties. I actually went to eat to challenge a super heavyweight hamburger that overwhelming flesh and volume are appealing that 'only meat is 499 g'.

The 2nd reduction campaign! `` Super one pound beef burger ''


Arrived at Burger King.

At the store, the appearance of super one pound beef burger was appealing.

This time, I ordered with a set (1420 yen including tax).

A super one pound beef burger with onion, cheese and four beef patties protruding from the buns is like this.

The diameter is about the same as the long side of iPhone X 143.6mm. From above, you can see that the patty is bigger than the buns.

The burger is about half the height of the iPhone X.

When turning over the upper bun, a slice of onion and pickles are sandwiched on the cheese, and mustard and ketchup are topped.

However, the only other thing was a little pickle between the second and third patties.

Quite heavy when holding in hand. As expected, it is 100% beef, Patty itself is quite Brittle ( Morro ) There is also a four-layer structure, so simply lifting it will inevitably collapse under its own weight. When eating, it is recommended to wrap it in wrapping paper.

As advertised as '100% beef', the umami and aroma of the meat delivered by the four patties are intense. Although it is a very simple seasoning of mustard, ketchup and cheese, it is an ant in the sense that you can fully enjoy the taste of meat. However, there are clearly fewer sauces and cheeses to support 499g of meat, and if you continue to eat, one bite may become 'only the taste of meat and bread', so some people may get bored. Nevertheless, the volume was still out of specification and there was a good response.

You can order super one pound beef burgers from March 27 (Fri) to April 2 (Thu) every day after 14:00 at Burger King's nationwide stores. Since it is said that the quantity is limited, it is recommended that those who are worried should check early.

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