"Double Lucky Mack Burger & Double Fill Fish" Tasting 2 Double Drinks Taste Review

"Teriyaki Mak Burger" with Teriyaki sauce based on ginger-flavored soy sauce and "Fira fish" with tartar sauce and mellow and rich cheddar cheese in fly of white fish are both popular menus of McDonald's . You can taste it to your heart's content by setting these two popular menus to "double"Double Teriyaki Mac Burger"When"Double firo fish fish"Will be released from Friday 20th December 2013, so I went to eat two.

Double Teriyaki Mac Burger / Double Fill Fish. | Campaign | McDonald's

Arrived at McDonald's.

In the store around 10:30 am, the pop of the campaign has already been stuck out.

Double Teriyaki Macberger (380 yen including tax) · Double Filloffish (380 yen including tax) · Cafe latte (220 yen including tax) ordered. Eat cod cheese mozzarella cheese · chopped potato on Arabian sauceCheese potato dip(150 yen including tax) was also a new product released on December 11, so I ordered it.

The item arrived immediately after ordering.

First, I'll open it from Double Takayaki Mack Burger wrapped in wrapping paper. I looked nice and looked a little big Teriyaki burger.

The size is about the same as the iPhone 5 you lined up.

Sesame buns are used for the buns.

After checking the inside, plenty of mayonnaise and lettuce on the upper buns side.

Two pork patties

Teriyaki sauce is plenty.

When I try to eat it, of course, the taste of the usual Terriyak burger, but thanks to the two patties, I can feel the meat of the Teriyaki sauce flavor and feel satisfaction is quite high.

Surprisingly, I did not feel so heavy for the extra mayonnaise and 2 patties, it feels as thoughtless.

Tarigyaki Burger 's classic staple, sauce sauce is also double, so if you do not eat it in a hurry it will become sticky. Once you like Teriyaki Burger, it is an item you want to eat once.

Next is a double FIREOFISHish box. It was crumpled somehow into a naname.

If you put it out from the box and prepare it, the ordinary fi reo fish is an impression made as "petan", but because of the double there is a proper height.

Buns belong to plain.

When I open it, tartar sauce is painted over the top of the buns, but I also feel that it is not double.

There is one cheddar cheese between the two top-layered potionfish. It melts and sticks.

The height is about the same as the iPhone 5 that I lie down, but it feels slightly bigger than the double Teriyaki M burger.

As I eat it, normal fiereofithes are fluffy with both buns and fish potions, so there is not much response to eat, but Double Fillofish can spoil the white fish body with the acidity of the tartar sauce over the whole mouth. Although it is a product of dream to love Firaofishu, people who are not good at greasy may be heartburned.

The last is a cheese potato dip with cheddar and mozzarella cheese. It is 5 boxes per box.

Arabiana sauce comes as a dip sauce.

When you open it you feel the fragrance of tomatoes and spices fluffy, similar to salsa sauce.

When I try to eat potato dipped ......

After a spicy tomato sauce, a good fragrance of mellow cheese. The compatibility of tomatoes and cheese is outstanding, but people who are not good at hot things need to be careful because they are spicy sauce.

"Double Teriyaki Macburger" and "Double Filloffish" have two patties and have a response to eat, and if it is a favorite burger it was a definite new product to eat. The price also adds + 50 to 80 yen just to add it, so you should be able to be satisfied well when you want to eat a lot.

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