【Old news】 Mr. Rokuro Naya who played Kamu of the Aquarius · Dr. Sensei, etc.

Sayuri Shinobi of "Yu Yu Hakusho", a voice actor / actor who was also active in dubbing overseas dramas and foreign films, such as the role of the director of the director of "Crayon Shinchan", the camper of the aqueduct of "Saint Seiya", Rokuro Naya Passed away on November 17th. I was 82 years old.

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Voice actor Rokuro Naya has died ... Brother has a role of Monbukago police officers, many brothers and sisters - Sponichi Annex entertainment

Mr. Naya debuted as a voice actor with "Yokai Human Bem" in 1969, with a voice actor Goro Nariya's younger brother known as Chief of Lupine the 3rd priest. In addition to playing Camusu of Aquarius with "Saint Seiya", she has been invited to a wide range of generations with the voice of Professor Park of "Crayon Shinchan" being broadcasted since 1992 and the voice of Sir Ham Hat, "Thomas the Tank Engine" It is known.

Besides this, in animation, he is responsible for Shinobu Senji of "Yu Yu Hakusho" and role of Christoph Blanc of "Eureka Seven AO".

As a possessor of dubbing, William H. Macy (ER emergency room), director of surgery, Morgenstan surgeon, "Jurassic Park III" Paul Kirby etc.), Ed Harris ("Apollo 13" (video software version) Gene · Kurzu), and in "Ghost Busters" I also took charge of the role of Dr. Igno Spengler who played Harold Lemis. By the way, Harold Lemis was born in 1944 and is about a year younger than Mr. Naya, but due to complications of inflammatory vasculitis,He died on 24th February 2014.

Due to these achievements, a prize prize was awarded at the 8th voice actor award in 2014. The photographs below are pictures with Yoshimasa Hosoya who also won the supporting actor award at the same time. Mr. Noriya Noriya's eldest son and Mouse Promotion President Shigeru Nayato shot.

Farewells and mourning voices by industry are also flowing. This is a tweet by Shiji Mizushima of "Oedo rocket", an animation in which Mr. Naya played the retirement role.

Tweet by voice actor Yu Mizushima.

"Thomas the Tank Engine" and tweets by Keiko Nemoto who played Sir Mr. Top Ham Hat despite being quite young.

A memorial illustration also at pixiv.

In addition, from "Crayon Shinchan" broadcasting on October 9, 2015, Mr. Junpei Morita will take over Mr. Norihide Master.

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