"Crayon Shinchan" Shinnisuke, Yajima Akiko was taking off, handling 26 years and 3 months

Anime"Crayon Shin-chan"I've been handling the voice of the main character · Nohara Shinnosuke from the start of broadcastingAkiko Yajima'S bowl was announced. The reason is that "Because it has become difficult to keep the voice of Shinnosuke", Mr. Yajima plays Shinnosuki on June 29, 2018 (Fri) broadcasting minutes will be the last.

Anime "Crayon Shinchan" About Nojino Shinnosuke, Yajima Akiko's descent | Crayon Shinchan

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According to TV Asahi, the downstroke is due to Mr. Yajima's offer. The following is the full comment by Mr. Akiko Yajima released by TV Asahi.

I spent 27 years with Spring Ichiba's "5th birthday calling storm", but I decided to leave the field house this time.
The reason is that it has become difficult to keep shin Shinku no voice.
The consciousness concentrates on the task of making the voice of the character, and natural expression as a role becomes difficult to be made.

I am grateful to you for familiarizing me for a long time.

I will leave the character "Shinnosuke", but I will be involved in the work of voice. I would be pleased if another opportunity to receive my performance with other characters.

Thank you for 27 years.

Akiko Yajima

Broadcasting of "Crayon Shinchan" began on April 13, 1992. At the time of the world masterpiece theater "Small Angel Bush Baby of the Great Prairie" was broadcasted, besides, as works started in the same period, "Sailor Moon", "Yu Yu Hakusho", "Genki explosion Gumbalger" There are the legendary brave da · gern "" Super Bikkuriman "etc.

Mr. Yajima is in charge of Nohara Shinnosuke for quarter century since broadcasting started. As it is said that it will be in charge until June 29, 2018 broadcasting, the term "Shinnosuke" will finally last 26 years and 3 months. By the way, since "Doraemon" before cast change started in April 1979 and ended March 2005, it was 26 years old, so it is 3 years from "Doraemon" period of Daisen Oyama and "Nobita" period of Noriko Kohara It is a long month.

There are the following cases as major cast change during this period.
· Biggest swallow: In 2000Kazuyoshi ShiozawaMr. death, the appearance scene without voice replacing for a long time has no voice. In 2016Hiroshi KamiyaIs second generation inaugural.
· Yoshinaga sensei: around 2009Yumi TakadaMr. Topping,Haruhi ShitaSubstitute for
· Director General: In November 2014Rokuro NayaMr. death,Shuhei MoritaSubstitute for
· Hiroshi Nohara: In August 2016Keiji FujiwaraMs. Sickness for Sickness Recovery, ReplacementTomoyuki MorikawaSubstitute for

Regarding the successor cast of the Shinnosukake role for broadcasting since July 2018, it is currently being adjusted.

· Additionally written on 2018/06 / 14 14: 09
I decided to succeed Yumiko Kobayashi.

Yukiko Kobayashi decided to take over the role of Shinnisuki "Crayon Shinchan" - GIGAZINE

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