Yumiko Kobayashi decided to take over the role of Shinnisuki "Crayon Shinchan"

Television Animation"Crayon Shin-chanThe main character of Nohara Shinnosuke roleMs. Akiko Yajima who was in charge for 26 years and 3 months offIn response to doing, it will take over as the second generationYumiko KobayashiWhat was decided by Mr. Miya was announced.

Noboru Shinnosuke is Yumiko Kobayashi's decision! | Crayon Shin-chan

The message from Yumiko Kobayashi, who takes over Shinnosuke 's role, is as follows.

I am Yumiko Kobayashi who is supposed to do the role of Nobara Shinnosuke this time.
It is everyday that I am keenly aware of the weight of responsibility with this honor and honor.
Now I am reviewing "Crayon Shin chan" from the first episode and I am studying, Yajima who made up Shin chan image which I do not think very much with this ordinary man is full of fear and respect.
Although there are many parts that are inadequate, I made a decision to trust Shin-chan who grew carefully for 27 years, with extraordinary thought, saying "Please leave it!" I think that Yajima and Mr. Staff, and the courtesy to all the fans who have been supporting us for a long time. For that I also want to learn Yajima 's Shinchan soul well and to devote everyday to become Shin - chan who can become familiar with everyone as early as a year.
Thank you very much in the future.

Yumiko Kobayashi

According to TV Asahi, Mr. Kobayashi thought that Shinnosuke would "play bright, straight, obediently and naturally", since Mr. Kobayashi has played a variety of boys' roles and animals characters cute, vigorously and fun plently. He said that he made an offer.

Mr. Kobayashi, as also mentioned in the offer reasons, has played a role in the "Duel Masters" series that has been broadcast since 2002, including the role of Kento Yuuki, "Web Diver Adventure Web Diver" broadcast in 2001 (Other) role, "Soul Eater" broadcasted in 2008, Black ☆ Star role, in 2009 "Tokyo Magnitude 8.0" is responsible for important character such as younger brother of the hero and Yuuki role.

Outside of human beings, he plays the role of dog Shiro at the broadcast of 2014 broadcast, "role of Tinney of" Fusenni Tiny ", role of Pocota like small animal at" Slayers "revived in 2008.

As a neta-like function, it was broadcasted in 1999 with the origin of the manga of the Rokugo Shinto priest "Hekko experiment animation Excel ♥ SagaIn charge of Kobayashi Excel role of animated original character. Opening theme and ending theme are also singing in unit "Excel ♥ Girls" name.

Since Kinbayashi-san Shinnosuke will appear from July 6 (Friday) broadcasting, Yajima-san's voice can hear Kinnosuke on TV on Friday, Friday 22 and Friday the 29th (Friday) It will be 3 weeks.

TV animation 【Crayon Shinchan】 June 15, 2018 (Fri) broadcast preview video - YouTube

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