I tried all 5 kinds of Doutor's new menu including "Milan sand using natural Hokkaido autumn salmon" and "Melon frozen from Hokkaido"

Sandwich using natural Hokkaido autumn salmon "Milan sand B with smoked salmon and shrimp", A drink using domestic fruit"Melon frozen from Hokkaido"Pine yoghurt from Okinawa Prefecture", And dessert for summer"Peach a la mode"Parfait of Hojicha"Has appeared in Doutor from June 14, 2018 (Thursday). I tried to eat actually what kind of taste of 5 kinds of new menu "perfect for summer" is.

Cool! refreshing! New menu to enjoy the summer! Release on June 14 at Doutor Coffee Shop such as "Melon frozen from Hokkaido" and "Pine yogurt from Okinawa Prefecture"

Arrived at Doutor.

In front of the store there is a banner that informs the emergence of the newly appearing "Milano Sand B" ... ...

There is a sign that informs of the appearance of drinks using the sauce of pineapple from Okinawa Prefecture.

This time we ordered both the "Milano sand B smoked salmon and plump shrimp" of the new menu, the drink "Hokkaido Melon frozen" and "Okinawa prefecture pine yogurt" in S size.

In addition, I will order "Hojicha's Parfait" and "Peach a la mode" of dessert.

"Peach a la mode" "Parfait of Hojicha" "Pine yoghurt from Okinawa Prefecture" "Melon frozen from Hokkaido" and "Milan sand B smoked salmon and plump shrimp" were arranged in about five minutes after ordering.

Milan sand B with smoked salmon and shrimp
"Milano sand B smoked salmon and plump shrimp" (480 yen including tax) is a sandwich that was finished refreshed to be able to eat firmly even on hot summer days.

The length is about a little longer than two pieces of transportation IC card (long side 85 mm).

As a tool, smoked salmon using shrimp and natural Hokkaido autumn salmon, tartar sauce with lemon and dill flavor are put together in the bread.

Milan sand is half cut to eat easier.

Tartar sauce that made the scent of dill well matches to lettuce with shakijaki and salty smoked salmon. However, I feel that saltiness of salmon is too effective, so I would like a little drink.

◆ Drink
Next is a drink "Hokkaido Melon Frozen" (left) and "Okinawa Prefecture Pine Yogurt" (right)

The height of S size glass is like this when compared with transportation type IC card.

· Melon frozen from Hokkaido
"Hokkaido Melon Frozen" (S size: 380 yen including tax) is a frozen drink for a limited time using Hokkaido red meat melon juice of elegant sweetness and juicy sweet scent. Mixing whipped cream that is on top as a topping will change to a creamy taste like melon milk.

When drinking, a rich frozen drink that tastes melon tight. Ice tsubutsu felt coolly and I feel it is perfect especially on hot days.

It was meant to be a creamy taste like melon milk when mixing whipped cream, but because the taste of melon was thick, it did not feel so much change.

·Pine yoghurt from Okinawa Prefecture
Next is "Okinawa Prefecture Pine Yogurt" (S size: 360 yen including tax). In addition, it is a yoghurt drink instead of a frozen drink.

Milk oligosaccharide is blended in yoghurt drink using sauce of pineapple from Okinawa Prefecture.

It is very refreshing as the acidity of yogurt and pine is working. It is a yoghurt drink, but it is as smooth and it does not draw. Because it is not too sweet, it is easy to drink and you can drink gokogoku.

◆ Dessert
Next is the dessert's "Peach a la mode" (left) and "Hojicha's parfait" (right).

Peach a la mode
"Peach a la mode" (420 yen including tax) is a cup dessert with peach jelly and gentle sweet peach compote.

The length of the long side is about a little longer than the traffic type IC card. You can see a green pistachio in the center of the top.

It is a layer in the cup and it is a jelly with sauce puree and flambooise juice combined sauce and peach compote, vanilla flavored mousse, lemon jelly and finally peach puree from the top.

It is a cup dessert that you can enjoy the sweetness and aroma of peaches with jelly · mousse and other texture. Peach jelly at the bottom of the cup, mousse flavored with vanilla on it, and compote and sauce of lemon jelly and peach spreading on the surface. Although each sweetness is never strong, I feel exquisite sweetness that matched exceptionally by scooping with a spoon and eating together.

· Parfait of Hojicha
Lastly "Parfait of Hojicha" (420 yen including tax). A parfait made with hojiji as jelly and pudding.

The height of the cup is almost the same as the long side of the transportation IC card. You can see that there is a bean paste using red bean from Hokkaido Tokoname between green tea jelly and pudding.

At the top there is a dice cut hoja tea jelly, whipped cream, whipped cream of Kyoto matcha, and white balls.

Dice jelly made with Hojicha is moderately sweet, and when you put it in your mouth, the smell of Hojicha spreads swiftly.

The combination of Kyoto matcha with whipped cream and white balls, and dumpling of roasted tea "match" can not be matched, you can enjoy a slight sweetness and a deep scent of two kinds of tea.

Hojiya's pudding is smooth, has good mouthfeel and sweetness is modest, so it matches without beating with bean paste from Hokkaido Tokachi. Personally, the skin of the azuki bean chewy, so it is difficult to understand the texture of the pudding a little, so I felt it was better for those of Koshian.

"Milano sand B smoked salmon and plump shrimp" "Pine yoghurt from Okinawa Prefecture" "Peach a la mode" and "Parfait of Hojicha" can be ordered at Doutor nationwide. However, please note that "Melon frozen from Hokkaido" is limited to the store that is displayed by selecting "Frozen" with the service icon from among the linked stores.
Doutor Coffee Co., Ltd.

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