I tried "Megumi curry set meal of coarse ground meat and eggplant" of Matsuya which is effective of bean-soy sauce, bean-juice sauce and sweet noodle sauce

From Matsuya on August 8, 2017 (Tue) "Set meal curry of rough ground meat and eggplant"Has newly appeared. I went to a shop to taste the pungent and sweetness that blended spice including three "sauce", such as pea sauce (Toubanjang), Bean drum sauce (Touchee jean), Soup noodle sauce (Tenmen jang) .

Romantic meal and eggplant curry set meal newly released! | Matsuya Foods

It is 390 yen including tax if it is single item, 590 yen including tax if set meal, free rice prime until 15 o'clock on Tuesday, August 15.

Goods that order in less than five minutes came.

The fragrance is like a curry, exquisite line like Maiwa eggplant.

The main character is ground meat and eggplant.

I tried sprinkling on the large syari rice with curry like curry rice.

When eating, the curry seems not so strong, rather the three kinds of "sauce" such as sugar bean sauce taste strongly, the impression that one kind of Chinese food. Because there is pea-sauce, it has a bit of spicy, but the impression that sweetness of eggplant and sugar beet sauce is well neutralized. This is no doubt that rice will go on.

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