I tried Matsuya "Cajun chicken set meal" which spicy prawns and umami seeped into thick chicken thickly

Spicy thick-cut chicken with spices such as chili powder and black pepperCajun chicken set menu"Has appeared in Matsuya since 10th May (Tuesday). I went to Matsuya to have a spicy flavor that makes it addictive.

Cajun chicken set menu new release! | Matsuya Foods

Arrived in Matsuya.

There was a huge poster of Keijan chicken set meal at the shop front.

We will order Cajun chicken set meals at the ticket vending machines inside the store. Price is 630 yen including raw vegetables, rice and miso soup with tax. Also, until May 16th (Monday) there is a great rice serious free service.

I waited for 3 minutes and the Keijan chicken set meal reached.

Cajun chicken is a menu with toppings of cabbage and mushrooms to thick-cut chicken thigh meat which was baked in a juicy with iron plate, chili powder, black pepper spice and ground meat spicy sauce.

On the surface of chicken black pepper and lot of basil. By the way, "Cajun" is a spicy panty like spices and herbs, southern US state of Louisiana "Cajun foodThat thing.

Cajun chicken set menu includes rice and ...

Salad of raw vegetables such as corn and cabbage.

Miso soup comes with a set.

When eating, the spices such as chilli powder are not only strong pungent but also felt spicy umami, seasoned but chopsticks are not stopping though it is painful. Three red pepper marks are showing punishment, but it is not spicy and not spicy, but spicy hotness is strong, so if you are expecting a spicy like kimchi you will eat shoulder watermarks. If you taste the taste, you can say "Thai curry can"Tuna and Thai curry redIt is similar to the spicy of 'Spice is working well anyway, so it is recommended for people who like ethnic food.

Cabbage is crispy, mushrooms are crunchy and crunchy, both sprinkle with the spicy flavor of the sauce.

Spicy chicken was excellent with rice, so it was nice to eat chicken for rice and eat bowl like.

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