All four items tasting review including Mos Burger's new menu "Menchkatsu Burger"

It was the season when commodities of the summer season started to emerge, but Mos Burger started from May 28 (Wednesday) "Menthikk burger"·"A feast salad "Pork Shabu" with bread"Two types of iced tea with fruit pulp were released. On the same dayCollaboration with Moss and Mister DonutsAlthough the commodity that was made was also released, this time we have eaten four other items.

Newly launched "Menchkatsu Burger" with excellent chemistry of crisp crackers and cabbage of Shakijaki ~ Limited sales at Mos Burger nationwide from May 28th (Wednesday) - pr_140514_1.pdf

Meal salad with rye bread "Feast salad" Pig Shabu "with bread" New release - Limited time offering from Mosburga nationwide from Wednesday, May 28th - pr - 140508_1.pdf

Limited release of iced tea with fresh fruit of original drink fruit that is perfect for summer ~ Limited sale of 2 items from Wednesday, May 28th throughout the country ~ - pr_140508_2.pdf

Arrived at Mos Burger.

After entering the shop and looking at the menu ......

Menchkatsu burger etc. found. I will order four new items on sale on May 28 (Wed) other than missed collaboration.

All menus arrive in about 10 minutes to wait.

"Menchkatsu burger (320 yen tax)" is a burger limited to about 600,000 meals in the country.

Normal ones are used for buns.

When I took the upper buns, the cassava sauce was plenty of shredded cabbage.

Uses coarse bread crumbs of munchikatsu.

Mustard was also painted.

It was easy to hold, it seemed easy to enter the mouth.

When you bite it, the meat cutlet meat juice overflows, but it is not too greasy. The taste of beef and pork and the sweetness of onion are also felt good. Although the sweetness, salty taste and umami of the sauce are not so deep, the source is also well-balanced because it has a sublimation also on the menthikkats, the pungent taste of mustard is not felt so much. Thanks to shredded cabbage, it was somewhat easier to eat.

"Feast salad" Pig Shabu "with bread" is 420 yen including tax. Salad is a dish that can eat meal mainly.

A feast salad "Pig Shabu" comes with a Japanese style dressing based on soy sauce, with dried bonito and kelp soup.

The ingredients of the salad are pig sucking shabu ... ...

Shredded mini tomato and hot chopsticks

Sunny lettuce etc. are used.

It is also possible to eat crisply with lemon.

I will put a Japanese dressing before eating.

Pig Shabu has adequate fat drop, but the taste of the pig firmly remains, and compatibility with Japanese dressing is also good. Dressing tastes seafood, but it also felt sourness like vinegar and well matched pig sweet shabu.

Japanese leaves and tomatoes can also be eaten steadily thanks to a Japanese-style dressing. Especially it seemed that compatibility of long snapper shredded and Japanese style dressing was good.

Rye bread is a little rough bread with a walnut.

You can see that walnut is contained in bread.

When I tried it, I felt a slightly sweet taste, and although I used rye, the sourness was not felt so much. Walnut taste and texture are slight accent. Calorie is modest as 255 kcal, so maybe it is a good time to take snacks.

"Iceberry tea scented pomegranate"Ice mango tea scented pomegranate"Are both iced tea with pomegranate, the price is 380 yen including tax each.

"Iceberry tea fragrant pomegranate" has a slightly reddish color and fruits are floating under the ice.

From the top you can see that 2 lemons are used.

Ice tea feels slightly pomegranate taste, finished with lemon and berry acidity. The taste of the tea never dies while the taste of the fruit is firmly felt, the balance is also good feeling. The sweetness was fairly modest.

When I try to scoop out and eat the berries, although the sourness and sweetness are still left, the taste has come out from the tea and the taste is slightly diluted.

"Ice mango tea fragrant pomegranate" looks like this when viewed from the side. The mango seems to be sinking at the bottom.

From the top, it is the same as iceberry tea on which two lemons are on.

When I drink it, the taste of mango is felt well, and it is unexpectedly well suited with a tropical taste. Although the taste of pomegranate can not be felt so strongly, ice tea and mango were fused together in just right balance. The sweetness is still modest.

Mango is strong in sweetness, you can enjoy a unique and eclectic texture.

Menchikatsuburger is limited to about 600,000 pieces nationwide, and "two feast salad" "Pork shabu" with bread "and two new iced teas are sold until early October.

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