I ate a hamburger like a moss salad "avocado salad burger 5 kinds of vegetables and lemon sauce" and a new sweet "rare cheese style grapefruit & blood orange sauce"

From May 23, 2017, Mos Burger used plenty of vegetables as a limited-term menu "Avocado Salad Burger 5 kinds of vegetables and lemon sauce", A new menu of soy milk-based" easy soymilk sweets "seriesEasy soy milk sweet rare cheese style grapefruit & blood orange sauce"Has appeared. I decided to eat what the taste of the new hamburgers and the new sweets are likely to overflow like Mos Burger.

Avocado salad burger 5 kinds of vegetables and lemon sauce | Hamburger | Moss burger official website

Easy soymilk sweet rare cheese style grapefruit & blood orange sauce | Dessert | Moss burger official website

Arrived at Mos Burger.

On the shop front, all the staff gathered about "avocado salad burger 5 kinds of vegetables and lemon sauce" (hereinafter: "avocado salad burgers") and "avocado chilli burger" resurrected from the same day started A scene full of Moss likelihood that it is posted.

After entering the store, avocado salad burger (430 yen including tax) and a soft soy milk sweet rare cheese like grapefruit & blood orange sauce (380 yen including tax), and appeared in 2016 and revived this timeEasy soymilk sweets mango roll cake(380 yen including tax) ordered.

About 5 minutes after ordering, "avocado salad burger" and "mango roll cake" were carried first.

The avocado salad burger is made by putting on a large green leaf unique to Mos Burger a meat patty, shredded lettuce and round tomatoes, and avocado and onion slices on top, "Buns with 5 kinds of vegetables and lemon sauce" It is one article sandwiched between.

Sour taste of melon's original lemon sauce that uses onion, pumpkin, carrots, tomatoes and celery for avocado that melts and melts is matched. You can taste the refreshing flavor that you eat literally "vegetable salad".

In addition, patty's juicy matches well with the refreshing of the upper half. Even though I am eating a hamburger, I feel a very refreshing taste is unique to Mos Burger.

And we will eat "New Year's Soy Milk Sweet Rare Cheese-style Grapefruit & Blood Orange Sauce" (380 yen including tax). It is a sweetness which cookie "crumbled" crushed in transparent film, soy milk mousse with rare cheese style piled up and finally topped with Italian brad Orange sauce and grapefruit pulp.

By the way, it is a correct answer to eat without peeling off the film.

The fruit sense tappuri grapefruit tightly entwines the source of blood orange and can savor acidity and rich sweetness.

Soy milk mousse is unexpectedly not able to feel the characteristics of soy milk, but it feels sweetness that was refreshing and refreshing, and we take up the powerful flavor of Brad Orange sauce well. When scooping together with crumble to eat, the feeling of crispy cookie was felt very comfortable.

Finally, I will eat a soft soy milk sweet mango roll cake. Although this menu also price is 380 yen including tax, I combined hot coffee with "soy milk sweet set" (580 yen including tax) which will be obtained from 40 yen to 110 yen by matching with set drink.

Soybean milk whipped cream and a manly cut mango are placed on a roll cake made from a sponge dough that was baked using rice flour, almond poodle, soy milk and so on, and a mango sauce was added to the dish.

The sponge fabric has a firm texture and it has become a sweet volume with a very volume, combined with the taste of the mango on top.

Inside the roll cake was a soy milk whipped cream with mango sauce, rich soybean milk and mango puree and it was a sweetness that you can enjoy the volume without losing the size though it is small.

The "avocado salad burger 5 kinds of vegetables and lemon sauce" (430 yen including tax) is made of lettuce instead of buns "Moss no vegetables avocado salad 5 kinds of vegetables and lemon sauce" (tax included It is possible to change it to 430 yen). The sale time is the same as the resurrected "avocado chilli burger" (450 yen including tax) until the beginning of July 2017.

In addition, the "soft soy milk sweet rare cheese-like grapefruit & blood orange sauce" (380 yen including tax) and "restful soy milk sweet mango roll cake" (380 yen including tax) are scheduled to be limited sale until mid-November 2017 I will.

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