New Menu Burger Summer menu, Nan · tacos & curry dog ​​· spicy miso sauce Moschikin · cold sweet potato soup · moss flaven beans & mango taste review

Speaking of the food that makes the image of summer, there are watermelon, shaved ice, chilled Chinese and so on, but in Mos Burger, the annual "Nan Tacos"When"Nan · curry dogWe released it from June 25 (Tue). This year we are going to a store to win all types because we have many sort of summer-like menu such as chicken, cold soup, shaved ice and so on using spicy miso other than Nan series which we release every year.

MOS BURGER | Nan · tacos / Nan · curry dog ​​moth 's special page

MOS BURGER | "Cup Pastier" Moss Special Page

Arrived at the store.

At the shop, we are appealing the new release of Nan · tacos and Nan · curry dog.

A poster of Nan · tacos is pasted also in the store.

We ordered side by side at checkout. The menu is filled with Nan · tacos and Nan · curry dog.

I waited to arrive in about 5 minutes. Nan · tacos (360 yen including tax) on the left is a menu with lively colors, and what curry is on the right sausage is Nan · Curry Dog (360 yen including tax). The smell of curry wraps the table.

First off from Nan Tacos. Special paper wrapping paper that is long in the vertical direction is used for the Nan series.

Red of tomato ingredients, green of lettuce, yellow of cheddar sauce is colorful.

Under the vegetables you can also check the taco meat.

Nan does not have much grill on the reverse side ... ...

The surface is brilliantly frosty.

The length is 1.2 to 3 times as long as iPhone 5.

A note is written to eat from the thinner of Nan. I will eat it at once.

Menu with pleasant feeling of vegetable shakijaki, crispy texture of corn chips, mouthfeel with nangs. While the taste of corn chips and tomato is producing tacos, the taco meat has a weak spice to say tacos and the taste like sweet curry because of the texture of ground meat . Nan of India is used for Latin American cuisine, Nan is used in Galapagos which was released in Japan, but it is a menu arranged for Japanese better than aimed at the main menu. As Nan and corn chips are taken home, the texture is impaired, so we recommend you eat in the shop if possible.

Next is Nan Curry Dog. The sausage put on the top of Nan attracts a lot of attention.

You can check sausage, curry sauce and shredded cabbage.

I will start damping.

Although curry is used for sauce, the taste of sausage that smoked incense has plenty is the main character. Here is also a sausage made with crispy, menu with a rich texture of rich taste at once and a pleasant menu. This year 's Nancaree contains white sesame, the fragrance and taste of white sesame gives a sense of sum, it also feels like sweetness of a fruit like chutney, it is not a curry of the straight line.

nextCold sweet potato soup(260 yen including tax). It is a rare cold soup for fast food restaurants.

On top of the souppistachioThere is a topping. I decided to drink it.

Although the sweet potato taste is solid, it may be somewhat unsuitable for soup which is sweet and drink before meal. The taste of sweet potatoes thoroughly remodeled, sweet potato just to drink. Pistachio also adds accent of texture to soup like crouton on top of corn soup Good.

nextSpicy miso sauce Moss chicken(270 yen including tax). A miso sauce accompanied by a separate mother is attached to the moschikin.

When opening the bag, the Moschikin appeared.

Surface like Tatsuta fried rather than chicken.

You can check ingredients of spicy miso sauce such as sweetener such as miso and sugar, spicy ingredients such as red pepper powder and pea plate sauce.

Plenty of spicy miso sauce on the chicken ......

I will eat it.

Although it feels hot as the product name, it also feels the sourness, sweetness and umami of vinegar, it is a source of complex making that is not overwhelming. By applying this sauce, we will complement the taste of Japanese style flavored moschikin with soy sauce flavors to summer-like taste with spicy and sour taste. Since the moschikin itself already has a taste, saltiness of the spicy miso sauce itself is suppressed.

Finally in the dessertMoss's flap beans(360 yen including tax) andMoss flap pencil(360 yen including tax) ordered. Both products are not shaved ice in Japan, but it is shaved ice in Taiwan or Chinese style.

First off from Moss's flap beans. Several kinds of beans are topped and white shaved ice can be confirmed.

From the topFertilizer· Black beans · white beans · green beans can be confirmed.

If you scratch the bottom part you can see white shaved ice. I decided to eat it before it melted.

Beans cooked with brown sugar taste differently from azuki beans, but the compatibility of sweet and discreet shaved ice is good. You can also enjoy the texture of ice as a shabby texture, ice creamy with a slightly larger grinding finish, and richly fertile texture. It seems better to avoid people who do not like beans.

Another type of shaved ice is moss flap pencil mango. White is reflected in oranges of mango Vivid appearance menu.

You can see the mango · mango sauce · coffee fresh cut as seen from the top. I will eat it.

I feel the texture of mango, but I feel that artificial acidity is felt in the sauce and the taste of mango is impaired. Apple mango is used for mango, compatibility with ice of milk flavor is also good, it is a menu that can be eaten refreshed. Two items of shaved ice will make you feel a little expensive.

Although Mos Burger has renewed taste in April, this menu also includes white sesame in curry, a pretty sweet soup, and other items such as shaving ice of overseas wind not familiar in Japan is coming out, such as existing You can feel the offensive attitude to provide new things not in the menu. Both of them are limited for the summer so those who like Mos Burger are essential checks.

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