I ate Moss's autumn new sweet "Strawberry Mousse Cake & Potato Mont Blanc"

Various new products will be released from each company on Tuesday, October 1, but Mos Burger will also launch new releases for "Strawberry Mousse Cake" and "Pure Sweet Mont Blanc" for a limited time as well. It is a new work of Mos Burger 's dessert brand "Cup Pastier" series which started from April this year, so it seemed to be delicious with a vivid look, so I decided to go eat.

Seasonal cup desserts using a smooth mouthful mouth appeared! "Strawberry Moose Cake" "Mont Blanc of Purple"

Arrived at Mos Burger.

There was no announcement of a new product which was conspicuous in the store. I will head to the checkout.

I found a strawberry mousse cake (330 yen including tax) and a mont blanc of purple (330 yen including tax) on the cash register menu. I will order it at once.

Receive the menu at the cash register and go to the table. Mont Blanc of a sweet potato with a vivid strawberry mousse cake with red sauce and an eye-catching purple pot cream.

Strawberry mousse cake has layers such as cream, sauce and sponge.

A red sauce appears on the white of the cream.

Red fruit was also topped with 3 capsules on top of the cream.

From the side you can see the layers of sauce, cream, mousse, jam and sponge. I decided to eat it.

Refreshing sour taste like sauce of Francoise is good with cream. If you look at the red fruit actually, it is not as strong as lemon, but it feels strongly acidic and it has become a good accent.

The lower layer is fluffy with both mousse and sponge, and the soft texture is good. The jam has a solid strawberry fruit feeling. The protagonist is a mousse, refreshing as it is sour, and it seems to be good even after meals.

Purple potato Montblanc is a color that seems to be autumn compared to strawberry mousse cake.

Fried sweet potatoes are topped on a thin purple potato cream.

Looking from the side like this. Cream · Light mousse can be confirmed. I tried to scoop up the upper layer.

Although the amount is small, I could confirm the sponge. I will eat it.

Purple sweet cream is eye-catching in color, but it has a rustic taste that is relieved against a gaudy appearance. Crispy sweet potato chips are also good crispy texture and the sponge is soft so you can enjoy a different texture.

Pomegranate mousse is a little bit more cream taste, I want some more taste of sweet potato. Both desserts seem to be better with tea than coffee.

Both strawberry mousse cake and purple Momburan are sold for a limited time. As Mos Burger has plenty of relaxing stores, it may be ants to ask for desserts and drinks like a cafe.

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