We have been eating a new autumn menu such as a new rice burger of Mos Burger who sandwiched Miso boiled in mackerel with rice

Mos Burger will sell the new Mollys Burger from October 29 (Tuesday) and the annual Focaccia for a limited time. Drinks and sweets also had various new releases for autumn / winter, so I went to Mos Burger at once and ate all of it.


MOS BURGER | Seasonal Limited Moss Winter Focaccia Special Page

Arrived at Mos Burger.

In the shop there are new works by Rice Burger and

Appeal the new release of Focaccia.

I will purchase new items at the cash register immediately.

Rice Burger 's new work arrives first. The leftMoslice Burger "Softly filling mackerel miso bones"(360 yen including tax), rightMoslice Burger "Colored vegetables Kinpira"(310 yen including tax).

Moslee Burger "Softly filling mackerel miso soup" has a smell of miso miso before eating.

Take Mr. Rice Buns and Miso is included with Don Don.

For mackerel miso sauce you can see chili and shredded ginger.

As comprehensive as Rice Buns and Mackerel Miso is compatible with the sense that it is eating rice and miso set meals just as it is in the mouth. Sweet Miso The taste of chilli and ginger is used for the hidden taste of anyone. It is cooked firmly and softly to the small bones. I do not see much hamburger sandwiching mackerel, but as there is no problem with regard to taste, it is worth the challenge.

Moslee burger "Coloring vegetables Kinpira" is a menu with colorful kinpira as the product name.

When opening it you can check the glue and glue.

Kinpira mainly uses lotus root, carrots, shiitake mushrooms, bamboo shoots, white sesame seeds, red peppers, red peppers, and Takano tofu and 8 types of ingredients are used.

As for Kinpirashiraku Lotus and bamboo shoots shakyaki texture is pleasant, when you bite Takano Tofu you will come out with dashi. Nori and sesame fragrance also appetite, it is also a good menu when you want to eat dietary fiber and eliminate vegetable shortage.

Barbecue Focaccia(370 yen including tax) andMenchikatsu Focaccia(370 yen including tax) are the main ingredients draw attention.

Barbecue Focaccia has overwhelming presence of horseshoe-shaped sausage that is large enough to protrude.HickorySmell of smoked smell using it drifts before eating.

Open the Focaccia and barbecue sauce

You can check shredded cabbage.

When you try to grip, sausage meat juice of crispy texture overflows, feeling of vegetable taste combined with barbecue sauce based is a nice touch. Focaccia is a soft, soft texture that is close to the Moss burger Nan which is sold in the summer. Moss burger hot dog is 308 kcal, barbecue Focaccia is 393 kcal, there is enough volume for price higher than hot dog.

Menchikatsu Foccacha also has a parting cutlet from the Focaccia.

You can see tomato sauce and shredded cabbage on opening.

Salt is a modest seasoning and I feel strongly the taste of the meat cutlet flesh accordingly. Thanks to the refreshing acidity of the tomato sauce I can eat it without strongly feeling fat, I do not feel the weight feeling that I am eating too much fried food.

New side items and drink itemsSpecial farmer's radish salad (refreshing Japanese style dressing)(210 yen including tax) ·Hot Matcha Latte(280 yen including tax) ·Hot Rich Cocoa(230 yen including tax) ·Older broiled rice cake (grain)(280 yen including tax).

The commitment farmer's radish salad (refreshing Japanese dressing) is not a salad that used the previous lettuce, onion, corn and tomato, but by renewal, lettuce and two types of radish and sunny lettuce are knocked in a salad topped with quinoa It was switched.

I will eat it with a refreshing Japanese dressing.

A slightly sour dressing based on soy sauce matches the texture of raw shiitake as radish.

Both hot drinks hot hotcha latte and hot rich cocoa are warm drinks.

Unfortunately the hot green tea latte is Uji Matcha but the taste of Matcha is thin, the taste of milk is main. Sweetness is fairly modest, so people who want sweetness may be adding sugar. The price of 280 yen was felt a little high, as the taste of Matcha is thin.

Hot Rich Cocoa taste as complaining as "It suppresses sweetness and it is finished to a cup of rich and sweet taste." Because the viscosity of cocoa is high and sweetness is modest, it may be close to an image like hot chocolate.

I will eat sugar (brown rice) of brown rice cake in dessert.

As the sweetness is moderate, the taste of the red bean spreads as much as you can touch. People who like sweet corn seems to be eating shoulder watermelon, but such taste may be ants to taste the texture of red bean and brown rice cake.

Rice cake with brown rice is a slightly consolidated and crispy mochi mochi texture. It seems to be just right size so as not to clog your throat.

All the new menu of this time is limited for a limited time. Because the sweetness and saltiness are suppressed considerably as a whole in the menu of autumn winter, the new menu is also recommended for people who are not good at eating out dark seasonings.

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