Spicy chicken soba with super spicy Tandoori chicken stimulates appetite Lotteria's "young chicken chicken soba tartar burger" "tandoori chiken nansand" taste review

Lotteria is a chicken-based new menu for the summer, using a pepper spicy barbecue sauce with coarse chili pepper "Young chicken chicken Namban tartar burger"Juicy chicken thigh meat seasoned with 16 kinds of spices such as turmeric · coriander · cumin ·Tandoori Chicken Nan SandWe started selling from June 16, 2016 (Thursday). I tried to eat two as well because it was a menu where sourness and spicyness were perfect for summer.

~ Lotteria, a new summer chicken menu appeared new! It is! ~ "Chicken Namban Tartar Burger of Chicken", "Tandoori Chicken Nan Sand" Limited time sale from June 16, 2016 (Thursday)! | News Release | Lotteria

Arrive at Lotteria

There was a big poster at the entrance.

I immediately ordered "young chicken chicken namban tartar burger" and "tandoori chicken nand sand". Both prices are 400 yen including tax.

First of all I will eat from young chicken chicken namban tartar burger.

The young chicken chicken Namban tartar burger has a height nearly half that of the iPhone 5s, and you can see that the thick-faced Tatsuta fried chicken is used.

When lifting the upper buns, cabbage and plenty of tartar sauce is on top of Tatsuta fried.

When eating, the clothing of Tatsuta fried crispy and crispy, the chicken is very juicy. In general, there are many sweet and sour seasoned chicken barbarians, but chicken soba Tartar burger is a spicy spicy with chili peppers added. It is similar to sweet chili sauce used in Vietnamese cuisine and so on, and not only sweetness but also spicyness is felt, so there is no doubt that appetite will advance.

Tarutaru sauce contains a large amount of yellow yams and onions thoroughly cut, eating and satisfying enough. I am tightening with a sour and rich flavor of sweet savage sauce. Tatsuta fried seems to be tasted like garlic and so on, it has become a finished chicken southern barbecue as it is likely to be a side dish for rice.

Continue to "Tandoori Chicken Nan Sand"

It is a simple sandwich of perfect volume compared to iPhone 5s.

When I opened Nan, the ingredients were only Tandoori chicken, lettuce and mayonnaise.

It is regrettable that the chicken you want to be flat than the chicken Namban Tartar burger, but the baked Tandoori chicken is appetizing plenty of spices.

Nan said that dough contains yoghurt, milk, a small amount of sugar. It is brown but it is very durable feel.

So I will eat it. Although it seemed to be a size that could be eaten as much as possible ......

When eating a bite, the flavor of spice was full-fledged than I imagined, I felt as if the inside of the mouth blew a fire for a moment. Turmeric and cumin etc. are felt firmly enough to remind Indian restaurant, but plenty of mayonnaise will neutralize well. Rice cake Nan also has excellent compatibility with Tandoori chicken, I felt it was a great correct answer without using the buns. It was spicy enough to keep sweat on my face when eating until the end, and I was satisfied enough with a simple sandwich. People who do not like painful things need a little care.

In addition, "Chicken Nanban Tartar Burger of Chicken" and "Tandoori Chicken Nan Sand" are limited-time sales until July 13 (Wednesday), so please try to eat people you care about early.

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