I have eaten "Chicken South Antarctic Curry Burger" sandwiched between Miyazaki prefecture's local dish chicken southern barbecue with freshness

Chicken NambaAlthough it is familiar Miyazaki prefecture specialty dish, Miyazaki prefecture has "Kikkan Nanban curry" which is not Katsukare,Miyazaki Chicken Nanban Curry CouncilAs there are organizations called. And on Freshness Burger, on September 10 (Wednesday) "Chicken South Antarctic Curry" made a hamburger "Chicken Nanban curry burgerWe are on sale. The previousNew York Chicken OversandFollowing on, it was a rare burger, so I went to eat at once.

Freshness Burger ☓ No. 8 Collaboration EXILE Kuroki Keiji Invented "Chicken Nanban Curry Burger" released Release Miyazaki prefecture gourmet "Chicken Nanbaran curry" reproduced with a hamburger! Release on Wednesday 10th September 2014
(PDF file)http://www.freshnessburger.co.jp/about/pdf/140901_freshness_chickennanban.pdf

Arrived at Freshness Burgers.

Signs in front of the shop are also chicken fried curry burger.

Enter the shop and go to checkout.

I found a chicken fried curry burger (390 yen without tax). I will place an order immediately.

Chicken barbarian beer (555 yen without tax, · set with chicken namba curry burger and 926 yen without tax) was also on sale.

"Chicken Nanban Curry Burger" arrived with a slightly bigger green curl than menu picture in 5 minutes after placing an order.

Even though I take it out of a paper bag, the presence of green curl is still overwhelming.

Buns used Sesamibans.

Even if I took the upper buns, it was confusingly green curl was caught.

Chicken barbarian is seasoned with southern herb vinegar and it is cooked with tartar sauce and curry sauce.

Chicken Nanban is a charred look. Burger using three kinds of sauces is unusual, so I care about the taste balance.

I will eat it from the part where Nanban vinegar is hanging first.

Texture crispy when glueing. The combination of sweet and sour-flavored vinegar and juicy chicken taste are outstanding combinations, sauce scorched a bit and aroma taste. Since green curl is quite large, I was concerned about the taste, but when I try to eat it is balanced and there is no problem at all.

Although there was anxiety that the tartar sauce and curry sauce entered "I wonder if the taste becomes too strong?", But neither salinity is too dense Tartar sauce is like rice and pickles acidity like mayonnaise, Curry sauce adds sweetness of onion, delicious flavor, pungent spice, and has a deep flavor. Sweet, sour, salty, pungent and many flavors are mixed, but it was neatly gathered.

Chicken Nanban curry burger is sold for a limited time. As usual, the freshness burgers' limited-time products will be over in about a month, so it seems better for those who want to eat to go to the store earlier.

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