I ate the sweet 'Miyazaki specialty chicken nambucan burger' expressing local gourmet and the spice 'Kanazawa special product black curry cut burger'

On McDonald's entitled " Local Gourmet Burger Festival 2018 ", a hamburger with the theme of gourmet local food has appeared on August 8, 2018 (Wednesday). I have tasted the " Miyazaki specialty chicken dish bamboo burger " using a smooth tartar sauce and sweet fillet of chicken patty, and spicy " Kanazawa specialty black curry cut burger " with crispy clothing cuts.

That specialty dish is a burger! What? Local gourmet burger festival held! | McDonald's Japan

"Miyazaki specialty chicken nambucan burger (nationwide sales)" "Nagoya specialty miso cut berger (East Japan Limited)" "Kanazawa specialty black curry cut burger (West Japan only)" McDonald's first as a national campaign! An area-limited burger appeared! ! Limited sales from August 8 (Wed) | News release | McDonald's Japan

Arrived at McDonald's.

Before the shop there is a banner to announce two new hamburgers that appeared. Although "Miyazaki specialty chicken nambucan burger" can be ordered nationwide, "Kanazawa specialty black curry cut burger" is limited to western Japan .

In East Japan, not "Kanazawa specialty black curry cut burger ", " Nagoya specialty miso cut berger " will be on sale.

"Miyazaki specialty chicken nambucan burger" (left) and "Kanazawa specialty black curry cut burger" (right) are completed in about 5 minutes after ordering.

Both hamburgers are about the same size, it seems that there is a height and there seems to be a slight volume in appearance.

"Miyazaki specialty chicken nambucan burger" (single item: 390 yen including tax) is a hamburger which imbues Miyazaki specialty chicken southern barrage which is deep-fried chicken soaked in sweet and sour-flavored vinegar and eaten with tartar sauce.

When you remove the buns, you can see that chicken patty where tartar sauce, slice onion, shredded cabbage, and southern vegetables sauce are sandwiched between the buns that topped the sesame.

A sweet soy sauce-based scent drifts from the Nanban sauce, and there is a scent of faint vinegar like a chicken southern barbecued in it.

When I try it, chicken patty is a sweet seasoned with Namban sauce. It is a solid seasoning with a crisp texture of clothing, but you can eat it with two kinds of shakisaki texture, sliced ​​onion and shredded cabbage. Namba sauce that uses cereal vinegar and add bonito flavor is accented with a slight acidity and tartar sauce adds richness. Because the taste of the ingredients is dark eyes, compatibility with simple buns is outstanding. There were chicken patties and crispy vegetables as well.

"Kanazawa special product black curry cut burger" (individually: 390 yen including tax) in West Japan Limited is a local gourmet in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture, a motif of black curry with plenty of cutlets and shredded cabbage in dross and rich curry roux It is a hamburger I made it.

When you remove the buns using five kinds of cereals, you can see that cabbage · Mayo sauce · White cheddar cheese · Turkish pastry, and black curry sauce is sandwiched therebelow.

Under black cattle patty many black curry sauce was painted. This black sauce seems to be using spices and Worcester sauce of particular attention.

As you approach it, there is a scent combined with curry spices from black curry sauce and Worcestershire sauce that imagines sweetness and sourness.

Tonkatsupati is dressed in crispy clothes and finished in a juicy, black curry sauce that is matched is punchy with a sweet curry spice flavor. The spicyness of the black curry is contained in the sweetness of the sauce itself and the good irritation at the Mayo sauce, and white cheddar cheese and Mayo sauce mellow stimulus. It was perfect balance between shredded cabbage and moist buns and strong seasoning.

"Miyazaki specialty chicken nambucan burger" can be ordered at McDonald's nationwide, "Kanazawa specialty black curry cut burger" is an area limited product west of Ishikawa, Fukui, Shiga, Nara, Wakayama in west Japan area , "Miyazaki specialty chicken nambucan burger" and "Kanazawa special product black curry cut burger" are menus that can be ordered after the end of the morning Mac. Please check the shop stores in East / West Japan area from the following link.

Local gourmet burger festival held! Regular limited burger, check each target shop! | McDonald's Japan

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