Actual state of ATM card skimming device which advances miniaturization and advancement and becomes clever

Although miniaturization of electronic equipment continues endlessly due to advances in technology, it can be said that there are frequent cases of abusing such electronic devices, which is a tough fact. Investigate ATM crime damage in the Europe regionEAST(EUropeanATMSEcurityTEam) revealed the latestSkimmingWitnessing a lot of techniques will make you realize the reality of criminal advances.

The Rise of Thin, Mini and Insert Skimmers - Krebs on Security

An image of a skimming device found in a certain area of ​​Europe is like this. Although most of the conventional skimming devices are attached to the outside of the card insertion slot of the ATM machine, this miniaturized device is installed so as to be hidden inside the ATM machine, and it is distinguishable from the outside It is said that it will be in a difficult state. Currently, damage caused by ATM machines manufactured by NCR is confirmed.

Card skimmers are most often used in pairs with hidden cameras that illegally shoot PINs entered by users. This is a picture of the ATM where the skimming device was actually laid. A pinhole camera is installed in the center of the red frame.

Likewise, according to EAST, skimmers hidden in transparent bodies such as the following are found in the same area as above, too.

It is disguised as a form covering the card insertion slot of the ATM machine, and it is set with a hidden camera that reads the passwordWincor NixdorfIt has been confirmed that it is installed in an ATM machine manufactured by the company.

Also shown in the picture below are the body photographs of the skimmer set with the mobile phone function. Since this device transmits the read card information and PIN in the form of a text message, it does not need to return to the site after setting up the device, it enables a clever technique of escaping caution.

Furthermore, the method of converting the read card information into a speech signal and sending the speech signal has also been clarified, and it will be a glimpse of how many different approaches have been devised.

In order to avoid the same damage, it is effective to switch to a card with an IC chip first. Since the damage of skimming is mostly in the case of using a magnetic card, it seems better to recreate the card if possible.

Also, when entering a PIN, it is better to take measures to cover the key with an empty hand to make it difficult to shoot. The following movie is a reproduction of the image of a pinhole camera installed in ATM, so if you do not take any measures, you can see how your personal identification number is completely duplicated, so you need to be careful .

Link ATM Skimming Video - YouTube

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