Pluggy Lock strap hole which can not be pulled out even if it is inserted into the earphone jack of the smartphone hanging 3 kilometers

It will become possible to use a large and easy-to-use strap hole simply by inserting it in the earphone jack of the smartphone or tabletPluggy Lock"is. In contrast to the appearance that seems to easily come off, you can firmly fix it even if you attach a weight of 3 kg or more to Pluggy Lock and hang it up, even if you hang it.

Pluggy Lock

You can see many examples of how to use Pluggy Lock in the following movies.

The strap hole inserted in the earphone jack is "Pluggy Lock" and the side next to the iPhone is a case for storing it when the Pluggy Lock is removed from the earphone jack.

Since the tip part of Pluggy Lock is a magnet, when you try to put it in a case, it will "spot" enter.

The size of the head part of Pluggy Lock is 7.5 mm in diameter and 5 mm in thickness.

It is very easy to use, just insert the Pluggy Lock into the earphone jack and turn the head part round. By turning the head part, the metal part in the lower part of the main body climbs upward, the black rubber material part deforms, and since it sticks to the inner wall of the earphone jack, the Pluggy Lock main body can not come off.

The structure looks something like this.

After the durability test, I was able to lift the weight of 3.2 kg, too.

In addition to iPhone, Pluggy Lock can be installed on Android terminal or Windows Phone.

The color is aluminum sharpening silver and ....



Black anodized

An alumite-treated green etc. are prepared.

By inserting Pluggy Lock into the earphone jack like this ...

You can also hang your iPhone from your neck.

In addition to being hooked on the key chain ......

It is also possible to attach a strap.

People who use the stylus pen may find it convenient to attach them to the terminal like a strap using Pluggy Lock.

Such "Pluggy Lock" is currently soliciting investment in Kickstarter, and is invested in $ 16 (about 1600 yen), silver shaving silver, 19 dollars (about 1900 yen) in orange, blue and black You can get one of the color things. You can also get a chrome made anodized with a contribution of $ 20 (approx. 2,600 yen) with green for a further $ 20 (about 2000 yen) investment. However, when you ship outside the United States you will need an extra cost of $ 5 (about 500 yen).

In addition, Pluggy Lock's contribution deadline is until 6:59 am on June 26, 2014.

Pluggy Lock - Twist and GO! By Erasnep LLC - Kickstarter

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If I insert it in the earphone jack of the smartphone I tried actually using the strap hole "Pluggy Lock" which hangs a weight of 3 km Review - GIGAZINE

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